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How much exercise does my dalmatian puppy need? I will soon be getting an 8 week old dalmatian puppy. I live in a very large three bedroom apartment with a roof patio area, so he'll have plenty of indoor space. I think I read somewhere ten minutes per one month? I know dalmatians are very active breeds and I'm looking forward to great long walk/runs with him, but I don't know how soon I should be embarking on long walks. Is it ok for their development to have lots of exercise? Is it better to have lots of little short walks whilst he's only little and then progress to longer walks?
How much chicken should I feed my 12 week old Dalmatian Puppy? We have chosen the BARF Diet? I want to know how to determine how much to feed my Dalmatian puppy. She is of breed Standard and comes from champion blood lines. I have heard everything from 2% of her expected adult body weight to 4 times a day until she lacks interest in food. Please help. 2 wings a meal? More? Do I add anything to it? Are there recommended vitamins?
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Where can i catch a Greyhound bus in New York that will take me to Washington DC? I am staying at the Astor on the Park Hotel, which is the very West of Central park (just below Harlem). I am planning on taking a Greyhound bus to Washington, where is my nearest pickup that will take me to Washington DC?
What hotels are near the greyhound bus station in dallas texas? Does anyone know of the greyhound bus station in Dallas Texas? What hotels are nearby? All info and links are appreciated. Thank You :)
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The best food for a 3 month old schnoodle puppy? What would the best food to feed a 3 month old schnoodle puppy? Once he matures what would be the best food to switch to (and when would the right time to switch be)? What are the best toys to give to puppies?
Is it normal for a puppy to growl during playtime? My 16 week old Schnoodle puppy (Dudley) growls during play, especially whilst playing chase and tug-o-war. he occasionally barks too. Are these early signs of aggression or normal?
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Where can I buy a Basenji dog? I'm looking to buy a well-trained Basenji dog. I live in Central New York. Where can I find and buy one of these dogs? I'd prefer if I didn't have to drive more than a state away to get one. I'd prefer to adopt an older dog instead of buying a puppy.
what does it mean when a basenji dog whines? Are they sad? Are they trying to talk? Are they hungry/thirsty? What does it mean when a Basenji Dog whines?
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How can I get my Shorkie puppy to stop nipping? My six week old shorkie puppy is always nipping at everything, and chewing on everything and everyone. It kind of reminds me of a baby teething the way he chomps on my fingers. Do puppies teeth like humans? If so what can I do to help him? Thanks. Jen
Where can i get a shorkie puppy? ok well i been searching for a puppy and i decided to get a shorkie puppy. where can i find good shorkie breeders in Illinois. can u please list some shorkie breeders in Illinois and websites.
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How do I get my English Mastiff puppy to stop biting me? I have an English Mastiff puppy, 10 weeks old. And when I play with her, or just even pet her she will play bite me. But its really hard, and it hurts. Shes is playing because she doesn't bark, or growl. I know puppy's will bite, but how can I train her not to bite so hard?
What is the best food to feed my English Mastiff puppy? I have been doing a lot of research on what to feed my english mastiff puppy. I am hoping for suggestions from others with mastiffs or giant breeds. I want to feed him a really good quality food at a somewhat reasonable price. Also, I have heard that they only need puppy food until they are 4 months, is this true? I would really appreciate some advice on this issue! Thanks!
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Can you recommend and GREAT dog training book to me? I would like to read and learn more about dog training. Can anyone recommend a good book to start with.
What do you look for in a dog trainer or dog training class? I haven't really seen this question asked here before. I'm interested in a trainer/class training for: Pet/manners/CGC training: Competition training for obedience/rally/agility: and Working dog training for field/ service/ protection dogs. I know that there's a lot of good and bad infornation posted here. I'm just curious as to what people's thoughts and experiences are in training.
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Visiting Minneapolis for a possible move, where should I look? I have a job interview in Minneapolis/St. Paul (the office is actually in the middle of the two cities) next week. I've never been to the twin cities so I'm interested in exploring to see if I'd like to live there. 1) Which neighborhoods should I look at for possibly living in? I'm single but have a boxer dog - so ideally something with a fenced in back yard, but I'd settle for direct access to a small yard. 2) Where should I eat while I visit? I land Sunday evening and leave Tuesday late afternoon. 3) What else should I make sure to see? I've done some googling and it sounds like a cool place but moving anywhere is a big change. I currently live in NH so I'm used to the cold and snow.
How long does it take for a boxer to have puppies ounce they get pregnant? Im planning on bredding my boxer but I don't know how long its going to takes for my boxer to have puppies ounce it gets pregnant.
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Planning to start a small scale pet (only dogs) sale business? Hi: I am planning to start a small scale pet (only dogs) sale business. I need all the necessary details,pros and cons that I should know before getting into the business. Genuine contacts are welcome. Thanks in advance.
Does anyone know someone who's selling small dogs in Sacramento? Hi, im looking for someone who breeds or has a small dog up for sale, because I would like to find a small dog for my grandma.
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