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dalmatian costume questions answered!

  • Where can I find an adult human dog (preferably a dalmatian) costume to buy? Looking for a Halloween/dress up outfit specifically a dalmatian, here in the UK. Need to have it by next Thursday. Any ideas? Sites?
  • What are some good couples costumes for halloween? I want to do a couples costume with by boyfriend for halloween, but he doesn't want anything that screams couple costume. I was thinking a nurse and doctor, but I didn't really see any costumes I like. I was wondering if you could help me choose a cute couples costume without going overboard. Thanks!
  • What would be good ideas as costumes for teen couples? me and my boyfriend are trying to think up good costume ideas, but we want to match as a couple. Were fourteen so we need something appropriate, and not something that would be stupid. We need as many ideas as possible and please say something that would be original.
  • What is a funny halloween costume for a college student? I have a party to go to on saturday and am having trouble coming up with an ideas on a costume. I was a cheerleader last year so I am not cross-dressing again this year. I also can go with my housemate and be a pair of characters. If you could add possible ways to make the costume that would be great
  • What to do for a couples costume this halloween? K so me and my boyfriend want to do a couples costume thing. Something clever. We are in 8th grade. I really want to be Marylin Monroe since I do have the piercing but I want it to be something clever and cute(: help me out someone!
  • What Would Be A Cute Idea For Halloween Costumes Sets For 3 People? We've thought of the sexy ladybug, sexy bumble bee, and sexy butterfly. We've always thought of the sexy Cinderella, sexy Snow White, and sexy Belle {Beauty and the Beast} costumes. Any other ideas?
  • What are some good Halloween costumes for couples? My boyfriend and I are going to my cousin's house for Halloween and we need a good idea for a costume! Any ideas?
  • What are some of the best homemade halloween costumes? i like to be creative when it comes to halloween costumes, so most of the time i make them myself, i was thinking of jack skellington or sally from that movie, or even spongebob, any other ideas?
  • What are some cheap, easy, and unique costume ideas for girls? Hi my name is Kassidy and I am trying to decide what to be for Halloween. I am in a group of three or five people and we would all like to be the same thing. This costume would be for a Halloween Dance for our schools. I don't want to have too many repeats so I don't want to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, cowgirl, or any superhero. I also don't want anything over the top. Thanks for your help!