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  • Visiting Minneapolis for a possible move, where should I look? I have a job interview in Minneapolis/St. Paul (the office is actually in the middle of the two cities) next week. I've never been to the twin cities so I'm interested in exploring to see if I'd like to live there. 1) Which neighborhoods should I look at for possibly living in? I'm single but have a boxer dog - so ideally something with a fenced in back yard, but I'd settle for direct access to a small yard. 2) Where should I eat while I visit? I land Sunday evening and leave Tuesday late afternoon. 3) What else should I make sure to see? I've done some googling and it sounds like a cool place but moving anywhere is a big change. I currently live in NH so I'm used to the cold and snow.
  • How long does it take for a boxer to have puppies ounce they get pregnant? Im planning on bredding my boxer but I don't know how long its going to takes for my boxer to have puppies ounce it gets pregnant.
  • Is a 4 months old boxer to adopt? I found a 4months old boxer for sale and is it ok its age to adopt? or is 4 months too old to adopt a boxer?
  • Does anyone have a boxer or lab for sale? I am looking for a boxer or lab pup for sale, or for adoption for my little girl. I will guarantee you they will be given the best care possible!
  • Where can I find local dogs for sale on the internet? I am looking for a boxer.
  • Anyone know where I could find chocolate Boxer puppies for sale in New York? My grandfather had a Boxer, and growing up, I remember great times playing with him in the yard and taking naps on the couch together. Now I feel it is time to bring a puppy into the family, and I can't think of anything better than a Boxer. I want my kids to have the same experiences I did while growing up with a great dog.
  • How long do you leave your dog alone? We have 2 dogs, a beagle and a boxer/collie mix. My boyfriend used to work mostly from home so the dogs had someone there for them but now he's on the road a lot for sales calls and the dogs will be alone for up to 8 hours a day. Do you think that's too long? Do you have any suggestions for keeping them occupied during the day?
  • How do I get my housetrained dogs to quit peeing on the floor!!? I have two dogs, a 3 year old bulldog and a 4 year old boxer. They have both been house trained since they were puppies. Until a year ago they both also stayed in a crate when we weren't home. When we started letting them out of the crate, since they were both so well behaved, everything was fine. A few months into it, however, they started peeing on the floor all the time. We recently sold our home, but when we did so we had to replace all the carpet and even throw out our living room furniture. It was so bad that the concrete underneath was so damaged that even though I scrubbed it with bleach about 10 times it never went away. The bulldog is female so she just squats and goes randomly, but the boxer is male (and not neutered) so he seems to have more of an issue with marking. We thought maybe the boxer was marking because the bulldog started peeing randomly, and figured it would get better when we moved. BUT IT IS WORSE!! We decided to go back to having them in the crate while we are away, and when we got a crate we shampooed all the floors intensely so that hopefully all traces of urine were gone (even to dogs, though I know that is pretty unrealistic, but we tried as hard as we could). We also thought that they were only urinating when we weren't home as some kind of separation anxiety. However the boxer now MARKS THE CRATE when he is not in it and has also started marking our clothing. We can tell who's peeing where because of the size and trajectory (lol) differences. Someone has also recently started pooping in the kitchen every morning. We discipline them harshly when it happens and it makes me feel bad because I love them, but they are just not getting it. We yell at them and make them come to the spot and look at it (I don't rub their face in it) and we spank them on the bottom and make them go outside and say things like "No! No! No! We potty outside!!" because when they normally act like they want to go out I ask "do you need to potty outside?" and they run to the door. I feel helpless and like we will never be able to have anything nice or have people over out of shame that our home reeks of urine. Our dogs are well cared for and they never had this problem before. They are on a good schedule where they are taken out in the morning and usually in the afternoon (we are temporarily living with my parents so they get taken out when we are at work and then put back in the crate). They eat in the evening when we eat so they get taken out several times before bed. The most confusing part is that they go to the door and ask to go out and someone lets them within like 30 seconds every single time. I have even caught them going out and doing their business only to immediately run inside and pee. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions? I apologize for the length, I just wanted to get all the details out there. Thanks! My dogs are not damaged lol. I didn't say I hurt them, I swatted them to get their attention that it is not okay to pee on the floor. I don't want them to confuse the attention with positive attention because that would only further the peeing because they would think..."oh! When I do this my mom gives me attention!" I have very well-adjusted happy-go-lucky dogs that sleep with us every night in our bed and are fed and sheltered and warm. I would hate to see how dysfunctional your human children must be, Erin. Please real answers only, I treat my dogs very well. They have a problem I feel helpless to solve and I am spending my Sunday afternoon on yahoo answers trying to seek the best way to help them. Yes I am such an abusive pet owner.
  • Where can I buy a Boxer puppy with it's tail still in tact? I like dogs with tails and I love the temperament and energy of the Boxer breed but it seems all breeders in my area dock the pups tails. Would they not dock if I request a pup with a tail? Is it totally necessary to remove their tails? Boxer aren't bred for working purposes so much any more, why are their tails still removed?
  • What happens to a puppy that eats adult dog food instead of puppy? Before you jump on my case, I am not doing it. I just was researching a new dog food for my 5 month old boxer and the question came up. Xena: Public School??