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information on boxer dogs questions answered!

  • My Boxer dog needs to lose weight. Can you help me with any diets or info? we have a new boxer dog, and he is overweight. please could you help me with any info regarding diets or food information that could help me. Thank You.
  • Is there an event my boxer dog can compete in because I can't show him? I would love to show my boxer dog, he is a fantastic specimen and truly represents the breed. But he only has one testicle, so showing and breeding is not an option. Is there another competition he can compete in where this criteria does not matter? Agility type competitions? and if so, where can I get updated information on this? Thanks! Although our puppy is only nearly 7 months old, we are aware of the health risks of his condition and will have him neutered very soon.
  • Does anybody know anything about the Toosipegs toy company? I recently found in my stash a small velvet dog, it looks like a boxer dog, with a toosipegs label. I think it is from the full of beans collection and I know it was made in England. Does anybody have any more information about the company or the little dog?
  • What is some good info about Boxer dogs and puppies? I am planning to get a boxer puppy in a few weeks, and have been studying like crazy. I would like any information anyone who already has a boxer could tell me.
  • What is wrong with my boxer dog? He is always so ill? We have a 9 year old boxer dog. He has suffered with some sort of mouth infection for past 3 years or so and has had to have teeth out as he has bleeding gums and severe smelling breath. He is put on anti-biotics about twice a year which seems to clear it up and he becomes his normal self again without the bad breath. The vet has said that this could be due to something wrong with his immune system as it keeps coming back. We took him to the vets yesterday and Nelson, the dog, will go on a two week anti biotic treatment course again and also take a very small dose of anti-biotics every day in hope that the infection doesn't come back again as this will help his body fight it. Suddenly now, his nipple on his chest is for some reason and some how, coming off! It is bleeding all the time and we usually put a plaster on it let it heel but it is ripped off extremely easily again by him laying down. He is now also bleeding from his elbows which have lost the hair on them. What is wrong with our Nelson? He is always ill! We are forever paying an absolute fortune on vet bills.
  • What dog breed is right for me? I need another puppy to keep my boxer dog company while I am gone at work. Information: medium sized backyard live in the suburbs have another dog youngest child age eight NO toy sized togs, but small and bigger are good have to be able to stay outside for a while by themselves (with other dog, boxer) good family dog THANK YOU!
  • Is it illegal to dock a boxer dog? I've been looking on the Internet and keep finding conflicting information. If I bought a boxer puppy today, would it be illegal for it to have 'had' it's tail docked. For the record I do not condone the docking of dog's tails, I just ask as we are looking to buy a boxer dog and have heard about this legislation. Just to clarify, I live in England
  • Im considering to buy a female boxer dog?what do you think about it?is my preferance good? please give me information about boxer dog and is female boxer preferable? what is the feeding habit i should follow for it liek the amount of food