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brindle boxer dogs questions answered!

  • how much should a female boxer dog weigh at 7 months old?? i have a female brindle boxer dog and she is 7 months of age i was wondering how much should she weigh?? because i want to make shure i am feeding her the right amount of food.
  • How much would i get to stud ou my boxer dog? honestly I just want the pick of the litter, but I would like to know how much I would get ? well he is a healthy, sweet and hyper full breed brindle boxer, but I don't have papers, the vet said he was full breed and he has the classic features, would I be able to get money and the pick of the litter ? stud out * sorry - = 3 = i know no professional breeders would want him, but how about others that just want puppies ?
  • Can I cross a brindle boxer with a fawn boxer and what will the puppies look like? Will the puppies be a mix of brindle.fawn or will some be fawn and some brindle? Should I only cross my brindle boxer with another brindle?
  • What should I do when my dog has anxiety? My boyfriend and I have two Brindle Boxers. Domino is a 5 year old female, and Bud is a 9 year old male. My boyfriend had to take Bud to the vet for a full day and Domino was panting, whining, and out of character. If and when Bud passes away, I don't want to go out and get another dog. What are some options?
  • Can a reverse brindle have brindle pups? I'm a new to the whole aspects of breeding dogs that can be brindle, although, most of my family was raised breeding dogs that were able to be brindle. But I know such dogs, like Labrador Retrievers, you cannot have a chocolate coloured pup, without a chocolate coloured adult. Is this true with dogs that can turn out brindle? Can a reverse brindle Boxer have a brindle pup? All answers are appreciated, thank you!
  • Will my boxer protect me when he is older? Hey guys! Well I wanted to ask something about my boxer. He is a tiger brindle boxer and is 4 1/2 months old. He is the sweetest dog ever! But we got him because we'll we love the breed and we need someone to guard out house. One day 6 people came into our house and stole everything. That's why we got Spartacus. But when people knock on our door or ring the bell. He runs to the door and waits for them to walk in so he can say hello to them and lick them. I need him to bark when people are coming. Well if you guys can help me out on this it will be great! To teach him to bark when someone is knocking and be guarding the house when we are gone! Thanks!
  • How much would a boxer puppy cost? I am going to buy a boxer dog and I was wondering how much a puppy would cost? Does the colour brindle, White, red change the value of them? Also where is the best place to buy one? (puppies only) any help would be appreciated thanks:)
  • My dog has a small, puffy pink blister-like growth on her eyelid. What is it and how can I fix it? She is a brindle boxer mix and the blister is on her lower right eyelid. It was dark and small at first but over the past few weeks it's been growing and has turned pink. It's about the size of a pea. Is there any diagnosis and remedy without having to go to the vet?
  • Is anyone interested in adopted my boxer, my newborn has pet allergies? 3 year old male flashy reverse brindle boxer named Lennox, neutered, utd, potty trained and crate trained. Good with cats and pre-teens. He will knock the little ones down. High energy (loves to run). Would do best as an only dog but can get used to another. He is the alpha in our home and would do the best with a submissive companion. He is also micro chipped and walks good on a leash if he has a pinch collar. He would be free with all of his belongings to the best candidate. Let me know if you are interested.
  • What food should i give my 2 month boxer? I just bought a brindle boxer and I'm having trouble what kinda food to give her any recommendations ?