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black boxer dogs questions answered!

  • How long will my dog live? I have a black lab/shepherd/boxer/cattle dog mix (I know- crazy but this is what they told me when I adopted her, and she does look a little like each of those, but mostly lab). She is almost 8. I've heard her referred to as a senior. I don't think of her that way at all. We walk/run for almost an hour daily so I would say she's in pretty good shape, after losing several pounds (she got a bit tubby there for awhile). She definitely seems more prone to injuries/soreness than she used to, but I think of her as a young thing still because she loves to play like a puppy. Can you tell me what you think the lifespan of a dog of this type would be?
  • Does anyone know what the grey mark on my dogs nose is all about? My female boxer dog has a grey mark on her black nose, its just come up and I wonder if it is a scab or something else? Anyone else ever seen this on their dogs?
  • How much should my boxer bleed after giving birth? my boxer dog just had a litter of seven pups, everything went well. Im wondering how long and how much she should bleed after... Its the slimy dark blood that almost looks black
  • Does anyone notice black patches on dogs tongue? I have an 8 YO bullmastiff and I noticed when he yawns that he has black patches on the very back of his tongue. I never noticed them before so I dont know if he got them with age or I never really looked. Does anyone else have a dog of similar breed or even with a black mask (boxer, bully etc.) who has this? I called the vet to ask but he has not called me back yet.
  • Where can i buy a reverse sealed "black" Boxer puppy in Southern California? I don't want to have a puppy shipped to me from another state, does anyone know of a boxer breeder in Southern California. I'm looking for a reverse brindle,sealed brindle, black & white boxer puppy- whatever the technical name is.I will drive almost anywhere in California to pick the puppy up.
  • Is it possible for a 60 lb dog to break your toes? When I let my dog out, 60 lb black lab/boxer mix, she dug her nails into my toes and stepped down really hard before sprinting after a bird, leaving three deep claw marks in my foot. I can barely move my toes, two of them are swollen, and I'm in a great deal of pain even though the incident occurred about two hours ago. Could she have broken it or is it just sprained? **We don't have insurance, so I don't want to go to the hospital and get an xray if it's just sprained.
  • If dogs cant see colours, then why is my Boxer obsessed with orange? My Boxer dog has always been obsessed with anything orange. It started when he pinched babies Tigger from Winnie the pooh. He is drawn to anything stripy and orange. He will go straight to orange toys in the pet shop, stuffed toys in charity shop windows and even his favorite blanket he chooses is orange. I find this confusing as i am always told dogs cant see colours. Is this true? I bought him a orange tiger stripped furry blanket for his basket and he nearly exploded with happiness. His eyes where bulging! I was told dogs only see black and white??? I bought him a orange tiger stripped furry blanket for his basket and he nearly exploded with happiness. His eyes where bulging! I was told dogs only see black and white???
  • Where can I find a black dog with blue eyes? Our 8 year old boxer died recently and now we are looking for another dog. It's not the same coming home without a wagging tail waiting for you. We have had two boxers in a row and now I would like to go for something different. My uncle had a black dog with blue eyes once, but I think it was a mut and I was just wondering if anyone knows if there is a certian mix I should be looking for. Thanks for the help in advance!
  • Does anybody in Nashville, TN have German Shepherd puppies they are selling at a reasonable price? I am interested in getting one. I would prefer it to be a girl puppy. I have always wanted a German Shepherd. I have two dogs that are boys. One is a Black Lab and the other is a Boxer. Can those dogs get along with a German Shepherd?
  • dream about a lot of dogs spinning in a circle-possible meaning? I don't know what this dream could possibly mean. They are black mid sized dogs and being pulled by a force you cont really stop. There are 4 dogs and thy are being pulled and spinning around in a circle. I do have a boxer but the dogs in this dream weree not boxers. I mean to post this in dream interpretation.