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dog training basics questions answered!

  • Can you recommend and GREAT dog training book to me? I would like to read and learn more about dog training. Can anyone recommend a good book to start with.
  • What do you look for in a dog trainer or dog training class? I haven't really seen this question asked here before. I'm interested in a trainer/class training for: Pet/manners/CGC training: Competition training for obedience/rally/agility: and Working dog training for field/ service/ protection dogs. I know that there's a lot of good and bad infornation posted here. I'm just curious as to what people's thoughts and experiences are in training.
  • Is it illegal for a minor to charge for services in Los Angeles? I'm 14, and want to have a dog training service [basics, etc. really, really cheap. mostly doing it since i want to spend time with dogs]. I'm asking in this category because I'm sure you guys are more keen on the laws and all that.
  • Where are guide dogs trained in the uk? I'm doing some research and I need to know where I can see guide dogs being trained. I can find out lots about the dogs themselves on the Internet but not where they are trained.
  • I have a young german shepherd who play nips the other dogs I live on 10 acres and have 6 dogs. Any suggestion? My dogs are well trained in the basics - come, sit stay, down and leave it. This is a 10 month old dog and she is playing - absolutely no aggression.She only does this when we are out on my ten acres and all the dogs are loose and playing. I have put a 30 ft lead on her, and she has learned not to nip when on the lead, but she does know when the lead is on or off. She responds to the leave it command and stops the behavior when I tell her, but I have to be watching her all the time, because she'll get carried away with one of the other dogs. I have 2 whippets and I am concerned that she'll hurt them one day because they have such thin skins. I have owned dogs for over 35 years. I showed conformation and obedience with the german shepherd, and titled my dogs. I have had dog aggressive german shepherd and they have co-existed in a pack with no problems. This dog is just excited and having fun. She does not bite the other dogs, but she mouths them. My sole concern is for the whippets. I am considering either not letting the whippets out with the other dogs, but I hesitate because they are such a close knit family pack, and they do enjoy their runs together. For the first itme in my life I am considering a shock collar to stop this behavior. I have never used one and I am very concerned that this method will be cruel. I have never had to hit one of my dogs, they respond very well to me as the alpha, but I need some way to stop this behavior. Please offer your suggestions?
  • How much does dog training cost? Does anyone know how much dog training costs? I'm in Riverside, CA and have seen private companies like K-9 Companions and Barkbuster, but I don't know how much to expect to spend. Any thoughts?
  • dog constantly asking to come in and go out? I have a 6 month old border collie female, we have taught her to bark at the door whenever business calls, she spends a lot of time out there by her own choice but when she does come in she asks to be let out after 2 minutes sometimes and if we don't let her out, as she sometimes asks to come in and go out several times in the space of several minutes she wees on the floor in the house. We have tried leaving her outside if she does this but she just barks more and more, I have taught her the quiet command but as she is outside I have no way to enforce it so its ignored. We tried a vibrating collar that worked for about a week and then she just ignored it. We have tried noises but she ignores it. When she is in the house we have got a water bottle and spray her every time we want her to be quiet backed by a verbal quiet command, although she knows this command. She is currently in dog training classes but only the basics, walking, sits etc etc She is a good dog, the usual for a border collie, very excitable etc so we take her for two 1 hour walks a day, she has just been spayed and is not allowed out to run until saturday (although we are taking her for walks as that is allowed) - none of this is any change to what she was like before the spay so it has nothing to do with the current behavior (I know some believe a spay might calm them down but thus far there is no evidence of this in my dog) would anyone know how I can take control of the dog when she is in the mood to come in and out in such short periods of time. thank you Thanks sadguy for your answer but I don't see that as a solution unfortunately its not something I agree with, I am not some sourpuss when it comes to looking after dogs but I don't believe those collars are ever necessary either
  • Help with new dog re call training and introducing to cats? Hey , Just a quick question about a dog I recently adopted. I have had my own dog for a year and every aspect of him is perfect I did alot of work with him when i first got him and it's really paid off. This new dog I Just adopted Rottie X GSD is completely different. She was living outside for a year!!!!! She is well behaved in the house I have trained her the basics so far but her recall is awful when we are out, just now I have had to chase her down the streets as she escaped from the local park we take them too for their walks. I am thinking maybe getting a long line and training recall that way? Other problem being we have two cats and all though at first it went well NOW there are problems with her lunging for them and chasing them. Trying to introduce them slowly treating them in each others company praising when she ignores the cats etc I know dog training takes a long time and you have to be patient I would just love some more advice on whether this can be resolved or whether I am going to need to rehome to her someone with no cats all though I think this girls had enough moving and messing around I only want whats best for her.
  • What do you know about taking care of dogs? I have three dogs . Also just about any pet owner knows the basics of taking care of a dog.FOOD. WATER. EXERCISE. I don't know enough information to write a paper about it. I was assigned to do Narative Procedure Project. It is really just fancy words for an explanitory article. I need to write about how perform a complex task like installing a window, getting over a fear or doing oragami. I am writing about caring for dogs I facts on dogs or training advice but I havn't found something really helpfull. Can you help me PLEEZE? I am looking for websites that have interesting facts that most people don't know. Also I want to find Warnings like "never feed your dog chocolate" please help. Can you help me find what not to feed your dog. Can you give me a website?
  • I want to become a service dog trainer? I am not wanting to do this because I am not smart. I can do any career that I put my mind to. What I would like though is a college that focuses on service dog training not dog training. Is there a college like that out there? I would prefer the college to be in Ohio. I have been a puppy raiser before so I have a bit of experience. I know how to train a service dog because I have trained a service dog. Since she was 8 weeks old. Please don't get my question confused with that. I want to be a Service dog trainer or instuctor as a career. I have all ready raised one.