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dog training schools questions answered!

  • what dog training schools are any good? I've been looking in to dog training schools, as I want to become a profesional dog trainer. I've looked at a number of websites for schools, but their promises seem fairly iffy... I was wondering if any trainers or employers out there can recomend a good dog training school? Preferably residential.
  • Does anyone know of a good dog training school? I need a good dog training school thats in San jose and teaches: obedience Tricks, Manners games and doin their business on a puppy/ dog pad.. oh yea and it has to be close to downtown or Willow Glen area
  • need help with finding a dog training school? does any1 know where a dog training school is close to or in shereveport, or blanchard, or in Louisiana at all? petsmart trains dogs?
  • what should I look for in a dog training/behavior school? I love cesar millans techniques and I dont want to do anything that he calls using human psychology on a dog. So with that in mind what should I look for in a dog training school? Is there a difference between dog psychology and dog training or is that all one in the same?
  • How genuine is "dog report card" by dog training school? I know there are dog training school, where dog is sent for evaluation and training. But then they prepare "dog report card" with grades on it. Most of the time these centers always give straight A grades to the dog in the report card. Do these centers actually even give grade like D or F? Or its just a fake report card to keep owner happy?
  • Should I be going to Petsmart for Dog Training? I've heard Petsmart's 6 week course is no good. Im also looking at a actually dog training school in my city. Should I go to Petsmart or a school for Dog Training? My dog is a female Chihuahua that is 30 weeks old incase you wanted to know.
  • Are there any Dog Training Schools or Programs in the Dallas, TX area? I'm wanting to go to school to become a dog trainer and I live in Denton, Tx but I am willing to travel some. I am having a hard time finding anything on the internet about dog training schools or programs in the Dallas area. Please help!
  • How do I find out what my dogs favourite chew toy is ? Im starting at a dog training school this saturday and i need a chew toy as a reward for my dog. I have lots of different ones but most of the time she just leaves them alone and i need her to enjoy it otherwise it wouldnt be much of a reward,
  • Do you know of any dog training colleges? Hey, so I am a junior in High School and for my future I really want to be a dog trainer. But when ever i google "dog training schools" it just gives me links like if i wanted to take my dog to a training school. Please help me if you know of a college that specializes in teaching people how to train dogs or be a dog trainer. Thank you.
  • How do I train my 3 months puppy? I have 3 months Rajapalayam puppy, How do I train my puppy?. Give some tricks for Dog training. Can I train my puppy myself?, or I need to approch a Dog trainer or Dog training school. How much will it cost?. Please give some list of dog trainner or school in chennai. Thanks in advance.