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  • What are some tips for controlling a biting puppy? My friend has a puppy (but old enough to know better by now I would think) who chews on everything when his owner is IN the house. He's in a crate during the day when his owner is at school. He gets taken on a 1-2 mile walk EVERY DAY. About an hour after he's recovered from the walk, he's regained all of his energy and goes a little crazy at night. His owner has tried all sorts of approaches to get him to stop chewing things. He has plenty of chew toys, and when he's told he can't chew on furniture and speaker wires and whatnot, he's given the chew toy instead. He plays with it for a minute then goes back to chewing on furniture. Sometimes he'll even bite the owner (hard), thinking it's a game. When he's put into submission, it takes a good 15-20 minutes to calm him down. I can't think of anymore tips for my friend because he seems to be doing everything consistently already. I'd love some dog training tips/suggestions to pass along. Please read the details before answering. He DOES have chew toys and his owner DOES take him on long walks. He's had his rabies shot (he was adopted from Humane Society), and his owner shows dominance by putting him into submission. I'll definitely suggest the Dog Whisperer thing about owning the couch. I forgot to tell him about that, and it's worked wonders on my own dogs. Keep 'em coming!
  • How to stop my puppy from biting my other dogs and other things ? Okay so i recently added a 2 1/2 month old male German Shepherd puppy to the family, I also have a 4 year old Male Chihuahua mix and a 4 year old Female cocker spaniel poodle mix and they get along for the most part. Since I've had him, he(the puppy) has always been a bitter. He bites me and my sister and my dogs even during calm rubbings or while relaxing. My Chihuahua and sister(along with anything in sight) are usually his victims of choice he doesn't leave either one of them alone when they are in the backyard. He always wants to play 24/7 and his preferred play-style is biting or fighting(not serious) with my other dogs. He is too playful and i don't know how to get him to stop biting or get him out of his puppy mind-state for long enough to teach him. Training him is priority #1 seeing as he will be a monster(size wise) in a couple months. ANY ADDITIONAL DOG TRAINING TIPS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED! TIPS FOR TRAINING HIM TO LOOK OVER HIS HOME? Additional info: I've tried redirecting his bites and have done so successfully but some how we always end up back with him biting things beside his toys Has plenty of toys to bite Understands basic comands such as sit and stay He is a outdoor dog Huge Backyard for play/exercise Puppy is HUGE!
  • How do you train your dog to lay down?Any training tips? I have a 2 year old chocolate lab.he is a crazy but eager to please dog.I need training tips!!
  • Is a dalmation a good dog to get? Id like to get a dalmation, but do they have any bad traits? What about the good ones? Any dog training tips?
  • Dog training tips please? How do you stop a dog from going up the stairs? We just moved into our first house and we've been trying to train our 3yr old maltese/poodle to NOT go up to the second floor. He only ran up once and I chased him, carried him down. But since then he's been pushing his luck by sleeping on the steps. First step, second step, this morning was the third step and just now he was on the fourth! Are there any training tips to stop him? I don't want a baby gate on the main staircase. Thank you!
  • How can i train my 1 year old Beaglebull? Homer, my rambunctious beaglebull, is always hyper and can't stand when I leave because I ADOPTED HIM. Are there any goid ways to train him??? He's not neutered and we may breed him later on but I want my dog to be good to me and my family. He jumps on people, bites and plays rough when he's hyper, howls which I don't mind at all, and eats his food like a flipping piglet!!! I tried watching dig whisperer with caeser milan but that's no use, I just need some tips on how to control my hyperactive mutt! He can sit and lay down but he also escapes our yard abd jumps the fence and runs throughout our neighborhood. HELP ON DOG TRAINING TIPS PLZZZ!!!!! (:
  • What should I do with a little english setter which has behavior problems? Hi everybody, I got this 4,5 months old english setter from my friend, but he doesn't know how to train a dog, neither do I , that's why I started to search for dog training tips on the net. If possible tell me proven methods, and if you want, I put them on my blog -which I started to help to people with the same problem-. Don't worry, if you don't want to share your tip on my blog with other people just put a 'y-o' (yahoo-only) at the beginning of your answer. :) Thank you for your help. http://the-dog-behavior-problem.blogspot.com/
  • Are there any sites with tips for dog training? I have a dog that I'm trying to train. Instead of buying a book, are there any dog training sites I can go on and look at instructions and tips for free?
  • My puppy is kind of misbehaved has anyone got any training tips? My puppy is a springer cross and is 6 months he barks at everything, pulls on the lead and play bites, i was just wondering if anyone can help with training tips, i did buy a couple of puppy training books that we used when we first brought him but he has been really well behaved untill now, so the tips in the books are only for really young dogs. Do dogs normally get like this at 6 months? Thank you so much for any help!
  • Training tips for a dog with violent behavior towards other animals? Ok so I've been wanting to get a new dog for a while now. I actually have a dog now, he is a beagle. I want to get a toy pomeranian, they are very cute and playful. My beagle doesn't like other animals, and will bark at them and try to bite them. I don't want to get a new dog if my beagle is just going to attack it! Its strange because he is very nice and playful when with the family and other people. Any training tips or advice would be greatly appreciated! :)