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petsmart dog training questions answered!

  • What do you think of Petsmart dog training? I was thinking of enrolling my puppy into the Petsmart dog training. Good idea or Bad idea?
  • How can I train my dog to potty outside? My little Pekingese is about a year and half old now. He used to have no problem going potty outside. In the past few months, he's recently stopped going outside and going inside. I've tried everything but all he wants to do is play with the our outdoor cats and run around when I take him out. I'll walk him around the neighborhood and all he does is run into the street and not do what he is supposed to do. I take him out every two-three hours, repeat the word "potty" to him over and over and keep him outside for at least 20 minutes. I've even taken him to "Petsmart" for a dog training class and he did the same thing there. He tried to play (or sometimes even attack) the other dogs and would not pay attention at all. Please, I'm open to trying anything... HELP!
  • How much do PetSmart dog trainers make? I currently work at petsmart in the pet care department and was interested in changing to dog training but wanted to know how much they made. I thought it might be kind of rude to ask the trainers at our store, if you were wondering why I didn't. Thanks!
  • Is there anyway I can learn dog training without owning a dog? I would like to get a dog but I cannot currently, circumstances wont allow it. But since I have never had owned a dog myself I don't even know how to teach a dog how to sit! Where can I go to learn dog training without having a dog to train?
  • What's the best treat to give my dog during training? I have a 12 week old female english bull terrier and we're trying to get a head start by training her at home. She's enrolled in a wonderful private dog training facility but she doesn't start until she's 16wo. She's very food motivated but I feed her high quality dog food (taste of the wild bison), and I don't want to just give her any old treat. What are some brand names of high quality treats that are easy to give to puppies when training? TIA
  • What do you think the chances are of making it successful in training? I was just wondering a bit on my chances and my success. Im getting certified soon as a dog training through an animal behavior college. So what do you beleive the chances of being successful & making a decent living off of full time training would be? Obviously the beginning would be to work for someone else first and build an assosiation with clients. But the only place locally I can find is PetSmart .. and I really dont like them. dog trainer* Typo.
  • Has anyone ever taken their dog to the PetSmart or Petco dog training classes? Did you like them? Which one is better? Is your dog still exhibiting training?