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therapy dog training questions answered!

  • What website should I visit to find a therapy dog training program for my pekingese-poodle when he gets older? So far, I am not finding a straightforward website that will allow me to find local therapy dog training programs. I know I need to first determine if he has aptitude for this line of work. If he has aptitude for it, I would like him to be able to visit nursing homes for example but he has to obtain credentials from a program first.
  • How do I go about training and certifying a dog to be a therapy dog? Hopefully in the near future, my fiance and I are looking to get a puppy and I have always wanted to be able to go into hospitals, especially childrens hospitals, with my dog and give those kids a better experience. We're looking to get a Lab, Boxer, or German Shep. (Unless something else comes across out paths.) We live in SE Wisconsin, right around Milwaukee. So basically, I'm looking for any and all information I can get about therapy dog training and certification.
  • What does my dog need to be able to do to be a therapy dog? I really love training my dog, and i also love volunteering and helping people, so i'd love to be able to get involved in therapy dog training, but i don't have much money right now for obediece classes, so i was just wondering what they need to be able to do the pass the test so i can start training him now?
  • Does anyone know how to turn my puppy into a therapy dog? I live in the Sacramento area, and I am a psychiatrist. We have a therapy dog program where I work (to help patients with depression, etc.), but currently there are no therapy dogs. I got a puppy for a pet and also for a therapy dog. How do I enroll him in a therapy dog training program? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  • What is needed to prepare my puppy to become a therapy dog? Hello I'm going to get a puppy next semester. It's going to be my senior year. I want my senior project to be training a therapy dog. I don't know how to start. Do I need to take a class then I can take my puppy anywhere and begin training him until he is a year of age and can be tested so he can be an official therapy dog?? To train them I know you can take them into stores and things like that does he need a vest that says he is in training? If so where do I get the best I am clueless. If you know about training therapy dogs please tell me everything I need to know.
  • What's the difference between therapy dog and service dog? Therapy dog is you train and keep and take around for other peoples therapy and service dog you train and other people keep so that it can help them with their disabilities?
  • What is the most effective way to teach the 'stay' command? I'm working on therapy dog training with my Australian Shepherd and need some advice on how to teach her to stay. She was 11 weeks when I got her and she's now just over 3 years. I've raised a lot of dogs, but I guess I've never really used the stay command. If she sees something she wants to chase I yell no or stay and she usually just sits and continues to watch it. I need to train her to stay while I walk 20 feet away and back. So far this is the only thing that needs a little extra work before I can take her to be tested.
  • What is the process for training my dog to become a service dog? What sort of programs are available? I foster strays and am interested in training them as service dogs. I would be interested in therapy, guide dog training, service dog training, or anything else along those lines. Does anyone know any resources?
  • What are the benefits to training therapy dogs? I would love to train therapy dogs, but I was wondering if there are any benefits? Do you get any special tax refunds, community service hours, or anything like that when you train and visit with therapy dogs?
  • Is the American Staffordshire Terrier the same as a Pitt Bull? Yesterday I recieved some of my books for therapy dog training. In one of them, I read through a list of dogs that were good canidates for therapy dogs. On the list I noticed the American Staffordshire Terrier on it. I know about most of the other breeds listed. But im tottaly clueless about this dog. How hard would it be to train an AST?