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  • What dog breed is both affectionate and highly trainable? I am looking for the best dog breed for a psychiatric service dog. I really want something that will stay by my side 24/7, even at night, and will also be very easy to train. I know that there is no perfect dog, but I was wondering if there were any breeds that seem to excel in these categories.
  • Why are some dog breeds more expensive than others? I have noticed some dog breeds are quite a bit more money to purchase than others. Irish Wolfhounds, bulldogs, Yorkies, chihuahuas, and German Shepherds seem to cost quite a lot. Border collies, Blue / Red Heelers, Golden retrivers, and labs are usually cheaper. Why is this?
  • What is the largest dog breed which can easily be trained to be loyal to its owner? I wish to have a largest dog breed as my pet but I am apprehensive, I might not be able to control it myself when it gets bigger and bigger. I would be very thankful for all your suggestions.
  • How can I start a dog breeding business? I want to start a small dog breeding business where dogs are treated with love and respect of course. Does anyone have any ideas to how I could start? Actually Annie I do have my own business so trust me financially I am ready..thanks for the advise though duh!
  • What dog breeds are endangered or extinct? Can you walk me through the list of endangered and extinct dog breeds and why they became extinct in the first place or why some are on the endangered list and how does a domesticated animal become endangered and if its even possible to bring them back by using breeds we've created (or bred) them with. I'm so confused about the whole endangering and gone breeds of dogs. Will you please help me? Thanks in advance.
  • What dog breeds will be common in a pound? I'm going to get a dog from an animal shelter and I've been researching all about dog breeds that I would like to have. I'm now wondering if these breeds will often appear in shelters. I like the affectionate, gentle, loyal and active dogs. What dog breeds would be good to look into and commonly found in shelters?
  • Where can i find an easy to use dog breeds gallery? I need a gallery that shows more images of dog breeds on the same page. I DON'T want to click through 100+ pages to see each breed individually. Any ideas?
  • What large dog breed has little health issues? I own a golden retriever and a small dog now, and im very intrested in a large dog breed! My golden has been very helthy. She is 11 years old and has never had one problem with health! I was thinking about a bernese mountain dog but would like a large dog with little health issues.
  • What are dog breeds that have similar coloring to a Bernese Mountain Dog, but are smaller and have less fur? What are dog breeds that have similar coloring to a Bernese Mountain Dog, but are smaller and have less fur?
  • What are all the dog breeds in America? I am having a really hard time choosing what type of dog breed I want to get. Do you know all the dog breeds in America? If so, can you give me a link or list them please? Thank you!