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  • What would the right dog breed for my family be? My family and I are going to look for a young dog breed, but we don't know what kind to get! Here is the following of what we are looking for in a dog: *Not aggressive *Intelligent *Medium sized *Hair type-doesn't really matter *Not too athletic *No hunting dog *No herding dog *A loving kind personality *Not too many health problems Please list dog breed(s) that you think would fit these expectations. (Please do not mention Labrador Retriever, Pit bull, or Australian shepherd) Thanks!
  • Where can I find the list that states that pit bulls are fourth from the bottom on dog breed attacks? Short and simple: I opened my mouth got into an argument and now need to find the list that states that pit bulls are fourth from the bottom on the list of dog breeds most likely to attack. I've read all over on many different sites that pit bulls are fourth from the bottom on a study done, but I've never actually seen said list. I was wondering if there was a URL or maybe it was in a book or something that I could check out from the library. I'd just like to know right now where the list is at.
  • What are the most popular dog breed registries in the US? I am trying to compile a list of dog breed registries that encompass many dog breeds (not an individual breed registry) I know of AKC, and UKC....what else is there for PUREBRED dogs, not hybrids or designers dogs.
  • Dog breeds that are good with children? I am compiling a list of dog breeds that are good with children. Any ideas? Yes! I heard a Lab can carry an egg in its mouth without breaking it!
  • What dog breeds existed in Medieval England? Well, that's basically my question. Now, I want an elaborate answer, preferably an ANSWER, not just websites to look at (though that's nice, too). Not just ONE dog breed, either. What list of dog breeds that existed in Medieval England (not during the Black Plague/Death) can you give me?
  • What would be the best dog breed for my family that fit the following? Hello i have a family of 5 and 3 kids over 7.We are not a laid back family we are on the boat alot and active. i am looking for a dog that... -has short hair -medium size -easy to train -family dog -active, but not to highper. please list some good dog breeds that fit this discrpition.
  • What are some breeds of dogs that stay small forever and have curly hair? Hey i need some people to list some Dog breeds that are small forever and have curly hair? I need ideas as i am trying to find a dog today!! please list some breeds it would be apreciated my mom says she wants a small dog that has curly hair .. doesnt need to be long or short.. my bad
  • What breed of dog will go along with a male Chihuahua? I'm planning to adopt a new dog, but I already have a 5 month old male Chihuahua. I want bigger breed. Can you give me a list of dog breeds that will go along with my male Chihuahua?