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small dogs for adoption questions answered!

  • I need to know where to find information about small dog adoption. Not where to adopt but how to adopt.? I am writing an article and need to know some information on small dog adoption, like where to look and how to go about it, and maybe even how to pick the right small dog for you. I am a little lost on this one. Maybe the pros and cons of adopting small breed dogs and such. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
  • where could i adopt a small dog in nj that doesnt have rediculous adoption fees? Im looking to adopt a small dog in nj without paying rediculous adoption fees. Im looking to give a homeless dog a loving home and they want like 200-500 dollars for them. does anyone know where i could adopt/rescue a small dog that isnt so pricey?
  • Why do dogs and puppies have such a large adoption fee? I've been looking to adopt a dog or a puppy. A smaller dog, but the adoption fees are so high. The smallest one I have found that I want to adopt is only $100 $100 is NOT hard for me to pay!
  • I am looking for a small dog I'm the Sacramento SPCA today. How many dogs will be available? I am just looking for a small dog. No preference with anything else. I am hoping to being one home today. Will that be possible. Thanks. Please. Thank you. Tanks you. I just boriught home a chihuahua.
  • What are some small dogs that are cute and playful for a good price? I'm looking for a small dog. But I want it to be one that is soft to the touch, fun to play with, loves to walk, and one that will cuddle with you. NO chihuahuas. SmartAs. God! All I wanted to know was some breeds. I don't care if they're pure or not. just some breeds.
  • Where can I get a small dog In Brooklyn? I really want to get a dog. But I don't want a big dog. I tried looking on the internet for dogs but the adoption fees are ridicules. I need to know where I can get a small dog that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg.
  • Any suggestions on a good medium size dogs? Must be good with other small dogs? I am really after suggestions for medium to large sized dogs, I have a small dog at the moment and I want to get him a friend. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • What type of small dogs are the best to purchase when you have big dogs also? i have two golden retrievers rite now and I am wanting to get a small dog also that would not cost over $399. but I am having a hard time desiding on what type of dog would be best with two bigger dogs.
  • Should all dogs over 40 pounds be required to be fixed? First of all. I am an animal and dog lover. The shelters are overpopulated by large unwanted dogs millions of which are euthanized everry year. Most shelters will have very few if any small dogs and most have a long adoption waiting list for small dogs. Large dogs have two or three times the number of pups per birth than small dogs do. So there is clearly a very serious problem with large dog overpopulation. In addition, large stray dogs acan be a serious danger resulting in thousands of serious hospitalized dog maulings every year. So should all large dogs be required to be fixed by one year old unless it belongs to a licensed dog breeder? Again SMALL DOGS are not the problem. In fact there is a shortage of them judging by the shelters long waiting lists for adoption so that is obviously a waste of time and resources. It is the large dogs who have 10-12 pups per litter vs small dogs 3-4 pups per litter.
  • anyone wanna get rid of a small dog free to good home in columbus ohio? i am looking for a small dog in columbus ohio, that is free to a good home. me and my fiancee cant have children at this time so we are lookin for a small dog to give our love and attention to. thanks!