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  • What large dog breed has the least amount of problems? My golden retriever just recently passed away of skin cancer. Until he was 10 he was in good health and had little problems with anything besides hot-spots. But my family now wants another of the large dog breeds, but something with little health issues. I know huskies and collies are good but Huskies have issues with separation anxiety. Are there any dogs that love family life, don't have really expensive issues, and also can fend for themselves if they are left at home?
  • What are the top 5 largest dog breeds in the world? I want to know by just overall size what the 5 largest dog breeds in the world.
  • What is the best large dog breed for me? I am looking for a large dog breed.. such as a bernese mountain dog or irish irishwolfhound. I have a golden retriever now and a shi-zu. I want a large dog breed that is good with other dogs and is just a good family dog all around
  • What large dog breed is best for me? I would like to find a medium to large dog breed that is known for having a nice temperment and would be easy to raise with children. I would also like one that is easier to train and doesn't shed too much. Any recommendations?
  • Question for owners of large dogs. What breed of dog is the hardiest, yet basic to care for? My spouse and I are interested in obtaining a large dog (or two) in the near future. We would like an expert in knowledge of large dogs to help us decide. The internet and books are fine for instruction and knowledge, however, we would like an owner's opinion of what their large dog breed is like on a day-to-day basis. Just generally. Things like eating habits, exercise needs, shedding (or lack of it preferably), temperment, intelligence, etc. Thank you so much for your responses.☺
  • What large dog breed is the best? My dog died recently, and I'm considering buying another dog. I would prefer a large breed, and I would like it to be somewhat of a guard dog. Not mean, but protective. I've read good things about German Shepherds, so I'm looking into buying a puppy. Any comments would be appreciated, as I'm still not sure a German Shepherd is the right dog for me. I'm a huge dog lover, and I would have plenty of time for it. Please let me know what large dog breed, you think would be best for me!
  • What large dog breeds are considered "dry mouth"? I'm interested in getting a large dog breed, but would prefer not to have one that excessively drools. The size is preferably around at least a german shepherd or larger. Another interest is shorter fur as I can keep it in better condition. Thanks for the input.
  • What is the biggest dog breed on average and what is the world record dog? Basically I'm asking what's the largest dog breed on average and what is the biggest dog.