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  • What dog breeds were popular during the Renaissance and in Medieval times? I was wondering what dog breeds were popular in Renaissance England and in medieval times.
  • How did the "dangerous dogs" get such a bad reputation? Even though a lot of them started as guard dog breeds,they were quite popular family pets. But,all of a sudden,most of them got bad reputations. Even German Shepard's,which is somewhat surprising considering the fact they were such popular dog breeds during the war,and were featured respectively in multiple tv shows,during the time most other "dangerous dogs" reputations were taking a heel face turn. What happened exactly? Someone just decided to use certain breeds in dog fights again,and guarding? But,they were used for those before and they had great family reputations.
  • What are the most popular dog breeds? Does anyone know what the most popular dog breeds are in Australia? Please help, thanks!!!
  • What kind of dog breed is ideal for me? Well I'm not looking to get another dog anytime soon but I'm hoping to expand my knowledge about dog breeds a bit. Now I'll describe what I'm looking for: -"Quiet" breed - I know all dogs bark but I'm looking for a lesser chance of being yappy. - Clean - Can tolerate all sorts of weather. warm summers and cold winters. - Shedding doesn't bother me at all and I don't actually understand why people are fussy about it. - Aloof towards strangers - At least 10 inches tall. I'm fine with any other size - rare or uncommon breed - German shepherds are cool but everyone has one. Same with Labs and Goldens. At least not in the top 10 most popular. - Intelligence doesn't really matter to me. My dog doesn't have to be the smartest all it has to do is respect me and my stuff and know that the bathroom is outside. - What kind of dog would a cat person like? - Prefer a dog that is kind of independent. Likes having you around but is okay if you are not around. - Moderate to low energy levels. My favorite way to exercise my dog is a long walk in the morning and maybe another in the afternoon. My ideal dog should not demand more than that on a daily basis. - I really don't favor a breed that retains puppy like characteristics throughout its life.
  • What dog breeds make it to the top 10 most popular breeds in the world? It's surprisingly hard to find a list of the most popular breeds in the whole word, since the top 5/top 10 of USA appears every time. But what's the top 10 of whole world?
  • What do you think the most popular dog is right now? Im not asking because I want to buy the most popular dog, I just want to ask for an assignment Im doing. It doesnt even have to be the most popular, just what dog you like the best. I prefer the German Shepherd. And I already have one. Thanks.
  • What are the most popular dogs in dog shows? I was wondering whether anyone could please tell me what the most popular dog was when it came to dog shows. Which is the breed that overall performs the best and therefore people want more of. Thank you
  • What are the ten most popular dog breeds in France? I need to know for a dog report.
  • why are show cats more expensive than show dogs but? pet dogs (not produced by a reputable breeder) are more than pet cats (not produced by a reputable breeder) i have a show quality dog as a lifelong companion and it was a long search and alot of research i saw prices ranging from popular dog breeds from reputable show lines going from 600-1,500 this is for conformation not working lines which are considerably more for the drive. usually 600-1k for small popular breeds for show and pet and 900-1,500 for pet to show quality (pet quality means they dont meet the breed standard OR they dont have the temperament for it) these fees usually include rounds of genetic health testing and blood work that takes up most of that fee done on parents and pups. with show cats i believe you test for heart problems and then for feline leukemia...compare that to the dog tests BAER, OFA and CERF which covers, heart, hips, elbows, thyroid, eyes ect and you see a huge difference.. with dogs there is a contract stipulation requiring altering of the animal and they do not withold registration generally (not reputables anyhow) they reserve the right to sue if the dog is not altered or if it is bred and will charge you the amount of the dog per pup then take custody of the pups...(alot of contracts like this) cat breeders seem to want to withold papers until altered..this hasnt stopped people from breeding them...they are just not registered kittens i see it alot on craigslist ...heck my rescue ragdolls were from a woman that didnt want to alter the parents but couldnt get the registration papers...i could have descendants of a GCH... so i looked up show cat breeders and there prices... i have found breeds ranging from 600-3,700 how is the price justified???? cats eat less than dogs so they cant say it was just feeding them...and the price of the show pups includes the prenatal care often sonograms ect so you cant say its that. if you buy a pet cat and later decide you want its papers some of them have it in writing that then for an additional 1k you can have the papers! why is it so much more expensive...i can see it being the same price or a bit less than show dogs...but REALLY? 3 grand...almost 4 grand... why is it so much more expensive? to get a show cat than a show dog from a reputable breeder? i dont know that this is true there are alot of poorly breed "purebreds" registering with fake registries or ConKC, APR ect why should that make the cats more expensive??? there are tons of purebred bengals and persians on craigslist without papers that look as they should because of that "spay/neuter" thing i mentioned. the purpose...eeeeh maybe that more has to do with working dogs people dont often see a point in maltese or other toy breeds let alone see them as they SHOULD look when a maltese looks like a bichon you have issues. ;p i just dont get why the price isnt similar they are not so rare i mean i could understand rare breeds of cats...but the popular breeds still sell for thousands with or without papers. ocimom: actually it makes it a bit less justifiable to me...it costs just as much to show a dog as it does a cat i pay about 61-80.00 for 2 days of shows + crate space which can be astronomical + many have to hire handlers...soooo...i wouldnt consider that part of the cost because show dog people do not ocimom: csections and trading between breeders yes thats what show dog breeders do as well....still cheaper..though not sure i understand why... again the longer time spent on feeding is not really a high price gouger...generally cat food is less than dog food even premium brands. and dog breeders dont skimp on that either so they MIGHT have less time and no most dog breeders keep them 12 weeks - 4months to judge quality and find the right home. i know one breeder that kept an entire litter for 3 years....due to high standards. its hard to justify the price when you see that dog breeders do the same things with more tests and still come out cheaper... its the same if i add the gas and hotel fee...and food fee the crate space can be 150.00 depends about the same anyhow the dog show is slightly more expensive for 1 dog. i dont do out of town shows much because of that but yes 300+100 for a handler for a day+ 61+ food money
  • What's it like being a dog breeder or trainer? I want to know it from real dog breeders or trainers. Whats it like? Do you like it? I'm only 15 but ever since I can remember I have loved all animals (especially dogs & cats) and 5 years ago I got my first dog, then my second one 2 years ago and I'm getting another this year. I also have 2 cats (3 a few months ago) and we are probably getting more pets. Oh yeah and I own pet snake. One cat, the snake and our new dog are my pets, my repsonsibility, and more mine than the rest of my families although I'm the main caretaker. I don't feed my pets but I'm the one who walks the dogs, plays with the pets, feeds the snake&cleans his cage, gives the dogs fresh water etc. Anyway I have taught my dogs everything they know (over 10 commands/tricks) and considering they are small, stubborn dogs who are not meant to be "easily trainable" or anything like that (according to people on the web) I'm quite proud of myself haha! But I've read soo many dog training books etc and now I walk around and see all these people with their dogs and I just want to correct them and tell them what they should be doing and tell them how they should be treating their dog and all this stuff. Obviously I dont because people would hate that but i just want to help people help their dogs. So many dogs end up in shelters and stuff and are killed because they are 'aggressive' or 'badly behaved' when really the owners just have NO idea of how to treat their dogs or what the dog needs. It irritates me beyond imagination that these stupid people blame the breed and not the owners. Ok I'm going to stop my rant but basically I want to train dogs and teach people how to care for their dogs etc. Is it a fun job? What's like your normal day? How much do you get paid, enough (im not too bothered about money but would i need a different job as well)? Tell me anything about this. Okay and now dog breeding. Yes I know many dogs are killed in shelters and these puppy mills and BYB etc and I know you lose more money than you make when you are a dog breeder but their are so many great (popular) breeds out there for instance rottweilers, GSD's , labs etc which are slowly being ruined. Rottweilers have already been victims of media's attacks and nowadays people cant even own these wonderful dogs because you can't get them insured because stupid people have labeled them dangerous and blood thirsty. I just want to clear their name, show everyone that good breeding, good training and a good owner makes a good dog- not its breed. I would love to help rarer breeds not die out or help popular over bred breeds to go back to being healthy and good which was the thing that made them popular at first. I want to stop breeds being ruined and I would love to do it. But whats it like? I want an honest answer, tell me everything! I am trying to decide what I want to be when I'm older and its always been either author, poet, dog trainer, dog breeder or working with animals in general (e.g rspca officer, zoologist, ranger etc). How to you become a dog trainer or breeder? Thanks!