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mastiff dogs questions answered!

  • How much diet a neapolitan mastiff dog take in a day? I am planning to have neapolitan mastiff dog, but some one told me daily it required 2 KG Chicken. Is it true. How much will be my expense this dog's food. I love its size, but dont take non-veg at home. Otherwise also i would like to know its diet. Please guide.
  • What is a good treat for an english mastiff dog? Hey there, i have a english mastiff dog, his name is zeus. He is one and a half year old and weights already of 220...Now he oves his raw meet, eggs, and bacon...but i was wondering if i coud get some input on what others feed there mastiffs for a job well done. Any input on a good treat of a big Pupp, feel free...Cheers.
  • Where can I buy a Pyrenean Mastiff dog near Chicago, Illinois? My family and I are looking for a Pyrenean Mastiff dog for sale near our home in Chicago, Illinois.
  • what is the best kinda of food for a mastiff dog? We just got a mastiff dog and we are having a hard time find a good food for the dog. I would like to know what is the best food, and if you have a diet please explain it ? All ideas are helpful
  • Can property insurance be canceled due to owning a Mastiff dog? I was just told by someone that a new law/regulation? has been passed & insurance carriers will cancel you if you own a Mastiff dog. We were actually getting ready to put a deposit down on one of these dogs next week but thought I should check first as this could definitely complicate things a bit. These dogs are not aggressive so I don't understand why they would be on the list. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks~
  • How do I get my dog to get up and walk on a leash? I got a one year old Mastiff dog about a week ago ,and when I put the leash on to to go potty she just lays there, I give a little tug on the leash and she just lays there I try to pick her up and she thinks I'm giving her a massage and lays down farther. So I pick her up and put her on her feet and after a couple of steps she's fine. She's scared so I try not to baby her so she thinks somethings wrong. She wont eat treats because she's so nervous about whats going on around her, so I can't train her that way, but she will eat treats if she's calm and lying down. She was an outside dog before so everything is new to her I would just let her get used to the new house and everything but obviously I have to let her out to go potty, but she's never had accident, I even didn't let her out for 10 hours thinking she would associate leash with potty. What can I do just to get her up and going?
  • What would be the best and fierceist guard dog? I was thinking a mastiff like dog. Probabley a kangal or presa canario. Maybe other mastiff dogs? Any anwsers?
  • What defines a shepherd and mastiff type dog? There are many shepherd type dogs and many mastiff type dogs. There are also many dogs that look a lot like a shepherd yet aren't a shepherd and there are many really big dogs that aren't mastiffs. Have I confused you enough yet? My question is...what makes a shepherd dog a shepherd dog and what makes a mastiff a mastiff? I want to know what defines shepherd type dogs and mastiff type dogs, not the german shepherd and mastiff breeds. Sorry for any confusion.
  • My dog keeps being attacked by someone elses dog who do i report the attack too? Every time i walk my kids to and from school the 2 mastiff dogs who live on the corner keeps jumping out of the garden and attacking my staffy.I dont know who to report them to please help the owner knows what they are doing and has had both the police and the local dog warden around to tell them to fix the fence that they jump over but nohing has been done
  • Is a Mastiff able to live in a small house? My house is not extremely small but its not big either. I want to know if a Mastiff dog would be able to live in a house that is not big because Mastiffs are huge dogs. I hear they don't use much energy inside the house anyway.