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tibetan mastiff questions answered!

  • how much would a tibetan mastiff cost in India ? i want to buy a tibetan mastiff puppy in india.. please tell me how much would one cost and where can i get one.
  • Red Tibetan Mastiff with a haircut to make it look like a lion? Looking for a pic of a red Tibetan mastiff with a hair cut to make it look like a lion. I want to see if it can be done and whether or not I would like it. I wouldn't want to buy one then realize I don't like the way it looks. I'd much rather just get a bull mastiff and be done with it if I didn't like the way the tibetan mastiff looked.
  • How can one acquire a Chinese bred Tibetan Mastiff puppy if you live in the US? I have been researching the breed for a long time and I am looking to purchase a Chinese bred Tibetan Mastiff. I desire one that is Chinese bred simply because of the more traditional coat. How can I get one? Do I have to travel to China, or can they export it here? What is the range that they cost (US Dollar)?
  • Reputable Tibetan Mastiff and Chow Chow Breeders in Canada? Looking for breeders with up to date websites and are reputable breeders of either the Tibetan Mastiff (preferably lion head TM) or the Chow Chow in Canada or at least sell to Canadians.
  • Why do people pay so much for a Tibetan Mastiff? When there are true purebred Tibetan Mastiffs breed & sold world wide for a few thousand dollars that have multiple generation pedigrees unlike a lot of the Chinese breed TM. As for type you can find examples of both the Asian & European types & more also without taking the risk of the health issue that can come with the asian bred dogs.
  • My sisters Tibetan mastiffs are blowing their coat something fierce this year. Any tips for her sanity? They've never blown their coats this bad and at the same time. There's hair everywhere, and she's constantly cleaning and vacuuming. They're both eating canidae all life stages, and they're in excellent health. Any owners of dogs with similar problems, how do you cope? Is she using the wrong dog brush? Is there a better brush for dogs like Tibetan mastiffs?
  • How much does a Tibetan Mastiff cost in the UK? Im going to buy a tibetan Mastiff puppy and i need to know how much and where do people sell em? I live in Forres in scotland So the closest place to that. Its like near Elgin, Nairn, inverness. So places like that basically. What would be the min-max price for one and where exactly ;) Thanks :)
  • How difficult are Tibetan Mastiffs to train to be friendly, and how difficult are they to maintain 1-10? Me and my gf have been talking about getting dogs when we get we move out and she wants to get a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and I want a Tibetan Mastiff. But I keep reading that they are difficult to train and all this stuff about how they are really difficult pets to keep. I just want to know how difficult on a scale of 1-10 they are as pets... and what one would need to do to have one as a pet and train to be friendly... Thanks in advanced
  • How to teach my Tibetan Mastiff to be more obedient? I got a Tibetan Mastiff who is going to be 2 years old this October. He is one jolly good fellow, and I have been successful in socializing him properly as he never gets too aggresive with any visitor. Also he is very protective of my other pets and will play with them but never show any aggression. The problem is that he rarely listens to me when I ask him to obey the basic commands, however I feel that he does understand what I ask of him but would disobey me on purpose (he does obey me at times but on very rare ocassion). Sometimes he won't even respond when I call out his name. I also find it very difficult to give him a bath as he is scared to death of water, the same goes for administering medicine. He would run away if I try to apply prescribed ointments and resist being caught. I am very worried about his hygiene and treating him if he falls ill in future. I can bathe him by force and give him his medicines by tying him up but that is something I really want to avoid because I am scared it will damage his temperament and since he is scared of these things he may even attack me. Can anybody say if it is possible to teach him to be more obedient or shall I just let him be as it is too late now?
  • What Are All The Types Of Mastiffs Out There? I've heard of Tibetan Mastiffs, and Old English Mastiffs, probably know a lot more. How many types are there and what are they called? Also, What are they all bred with? Haha - what I meant by 'what are they bred with' was what were they originally bred with to create the breed today.