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english mastiff questions answered!

  • How do i know if my english mastiff is show dog material? I want to enter a dog show but i dont know what to look for in an english mastiff. IE. Teeth,height,ect.
  • would an English Mastiff make a good truck driving companion? I am currently pursuing a career in tractor trailer driving and I would love to take an English Mastiff with me because I know they are lazy dogs, great guardians and very loyal. My question is will he fit? I know they can get up to 200 pounds so I was wondering do you guys think I could take one? The truck would have a sleeper for him to stay in if he didnt want to ride shotgun. He would get exercise at truck stops and rest areas a few times a day so that isn't much of a problem it's just will he fit. If not an English Mastiff what about a bullmastiff? Thanks in advance!!
  • How do I register my unregistered english mastiff for AKC? I have a one year old english mastiff that i bought off of someone and he has never had any papers his parent did or so i was told but there is no way for me to find out who they were if anyone knows how to go about doing this please let me know or give me some tips thank you.
  • What is the difference between an Italian Mastiff and an English mastiff? Are there temperaments different? It says that English mastiffs are perfect for kids, but had nothing on Italian mastiffs and kids...
  • I had an English Mastiff in the past and was thinking of getting a Cane corso. Any comments on that breed? I have dominant breed training experience from my English Mastiff, but I realize the Cane Corso is a bit different. Can anyone share some experiences with this breed? Pros/cons? I have a 2 yr old who is around 2 large goldens and has learned to respect them. Besides the obvious small child advice, does anyone have some insight on this breed?
  • Does anybody have any information on the English Mastiff dog breed? Ever since I've seen the movie Turner & Hooch I have been in love with all Mastiff breeds, especially the English Mastiff. I really want to get one. Does anybody have any information of them? Preferably someone who either has one or has experience with them? Marie: What makes them bad with small children besides for the fact that they are a large breed dog?
  • How high does my English Mastiffs bowl need to be? We are getting an English Mastiff puppy in a couple of weeks and I know he needs and elevated bowl. I am just trying to figure out what height I need to get? Any input from any mastiff or giant breed owners would be great! Thanks! *an elevated (oops!)
  • What is the difference between a bull mastiff and an english mastiff? They do look quite similair, I did notice that the faces are a little different, but other than that what else? Do you have a mastiff of any kind, if so what breed? is it a good breed? I like the English mastiff and the dogue de bordeaux Obiwinn - I like your answer, very funny. I want a dog with a bowler hat and a cane