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small dogs that dont shed questions answered!

  • What kind of small dogs are good to get that dont shed too much? does a shitsu shed?? Also, what are some small indoor dogs to get that dont get big......we want to get a puppy but try to keep it small......?? Thanks
  • What dog small dog breed that dont shed and good with kids? I know that yorikes dont shed but I was considering a beagle or chiunhaha but I dont know are they a good family pet, please give me a big long list :)
  • How do I convince my mom to let me get a dog? I really want a small dog like a yorkie,shih tzu,maltese,or a poodle! I already have two pets(one that we plan on giving away) and I've wanting another dog for about 6 months now.My dad said yes but my mom said no.She said she thinks I'm not responsible enough,dogs are too messy,and they shed.The ones I listed dont shed/shed very little and I will take care of the dog.Any advice on to convince her?!
  • What small breed would you recommend ? I liv in a small condo so I need a small dog I dont care about the shedding I will walk it 2 times a day for 30 minutes Dont have a yard Has to get along with other dogs Really cute!! What breed would you suggest? (small dog!) what about a Norfolk Terrier?
  • What type of dog should i get? Ok so i want a small dog , they should have LOTS of energy, dont shed too much or at all, and are easy to train. Any ideas of a dog that fits?
  • How can i convince my mom to get a family dog? Its maily me who wants the dog so I would be taking care of him/her, I have no hobbes so i would have pleanty of spare time to look after the dog. I have been looking at small to medium sized dogs, cockapoos (because they dont shed) or a toller (nova duck humting) because i like the apperence and just like how they sound. Can anyone suggest any other dogs? (not a shelter dog though) My mom says no no matter what ive tried alot please help!
  • Is it kind of cruel to have a dog in an apartment? My husband and I both want a dog really bad. We want a small one, something like a miniature poodle (because they dont shed). But we both go to school and then usually work afterwards. Is it cruel to the dog for it to be stuck in an apartment all day? We would definately make sure to take it outside for its daily walks and to get out of the house, but is it mean to leave it alone while were gone?
  • can someone tell me if jack russell terriers shed much. my wife wants one for christmas for our kids i say no? the lady that owns the dogs say they don't shed at all. I don't think she is being honest. or is there any small dogs that dont shed????
  • What are some small hypoallergenic dogs? Its almost my birthday & i want a small dog. It has to be hypoallergenic OR shed very little. & i dont want it to get that big. Any ideas?
  • I might be getting a dog for christmas, i already have a dachshund so what breed should i get? I might get another dog for christmas and i already have a dachshund. I want another small dog that doesn't shed and that will get along with other dogs. Also i dont want my other dog to feel left out or not wanted or something.