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cane corso mastiff questions answered!

  • Will a Cane Corso Mastiff & a Lab get along in the same house? We are going to look at a 3 year old Cane Corso Mastiff tonight and I am just wondering if he will get along with our 1 year old Lab. Our lab is very playful and easy going. But I am scared there will be problems because of the ages, and they are both males. So one is going to want to be king. Anybody been in this situation?
  • Where can i find cane corsos in seattle? Ok we are looking to buy (or addopt!!) a cane corso or mastiff and is hard to find them,any one have one or know where to get one in Seattle washinginton?
  • What are the biggest behavioral problem in Cane Corso dogs? To anyone who has ever owned or had experience with a Cane Corso (aka Italian Mastiff), what was the biggest behavioral problem you experienced with them? And what are the biggest challenges when owning one? Also, on a scale of one to ten, how destructive are they when left alone?
  • Are Cane Corsos healthier than other Mastiff breeds? Are cane corsos healthier than other mastiffs, specifically old English mastiffs? I know that they're much smaller than old English mastiffs so I would think that they have less bone and joint issues.
  • How do i get my puppy to calm down at night? I have a new puppy;it is a cane corso mastiff. He is about 8 weeks and he's so small and cute but at night he goes crazy. He sleeps all day and he cries all night and its so annoying. any tips on how i can get him to get his days and nghts not mixed up?
  • Thinking about breeding my Cane Corso Italian Mastiff with a German Shepherd and curious if anyones done this? (in the St. Louis area) With breeding a pureblood Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) with a pureblood German Shepherd - curious about temperment and things like that if anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated and/or Pictures of the outcome? thanks!
  • What breed of dog is the rarest in the world? I own breed Cane Corso Mastiffs. They where at extension in the u.s in the 1970s But are now mainstream. What breeds do you believe to be the RAREST?
  • Any good Veterinarians in Charlotte NC who are extra experienced with Mastiff dog breeds? Just moved to the University Area in Charlotte NC and I am looking for a reasonably priced, family vet to start taking my Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) puppy to. I am looking for someone who has a great deal of experience with this breed. I've had several issues with Banfield Animal Hospital in the past and don't think I would ever deal with another franchisee again.
  • Best mastiff breed for family and protection? I'm looking to bring a new family member home to live with my dad and myself along with my two Maine coon cats. My dad and I work at the same place but different shifts so someone's always home but living in the woods I want a dog that can protect and hopefully ward off people. I wanted a shepherd but my cats have enough hair for me to clean up as it is. I've narrowed it down to a mastiff but stuck on a cane corso, french mastiff or English mastiff..... Any insite? Any good breeders in Connecticut. Thanks in advance.
  • Is my Cane Corso Italiano the appropriate weight? I have a Cane Corso Italiano (Italian Mastiff) and she has recently turned 6 months old, when my family and I were at a dog park a man came up and told us that he thought she was a miniature Cane Corso (never heard of one). Her father weighed 120 but was still growing and her mother weighed 110, and my dog currently weighs about 65 lbs. So is she a normal weight for her breed? Please do not compare her to other breeds of mastiffs because that will not help.