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shorkie puppies questions answered!

  • How can I get my Shorkie puppy to stop nipping? My six week old shorkie puppy is always nipping at everything, and chewing on everything and everyone. It kind of reminds me of a baby teething the way he chomps on my fingers. Do puppies teeth like humans? If so what can I do to help him? Thanks. Jen
  • Where can i get a shorkie puppy? ok well i been searching for a puppy and i decided to get a shorkie puppy. where can i find good shorkie breeders in Illinois. can u please list some shorkie breeders in Illinois and websites.
  • What is a good name for a female Shorkie Puppy? I'm getting a shorkie puppy next week and would like to know what some good names for her would be
  • At what age do you start giving a puppy water? Im having a shorkie puppy in 5 days who will be 6 weeks old, I have been told to give him goats milk for two weeks, then water. Just wondering if i should give him water and milk (in separate bowls). Before you complain about the age, I have heard it all before that he is too young to leave his mum, so do not bother or I will report you... Thanks =] The breeder is giving him goats milk at the minute
  • where can i find a shorkie puppy in staunton va? I am looking for a shorkie puppy in staunton va it does not matter what color it is if anyone can help me let me know asap!!! :)
  • I have a 8 week old shorkie,How many times do I have to feed her?? I have a 8 week old shorkie puppy,and im feeding her 3 times a day but she only eats 2 times,its that normal??? im sorry for asking so many questions I just want the best for my Daisy,And I want to be sure if im doing things right!!! thank you soooo much!!!!
  • How long should we wait to separate a puppy from it's mom? A friend of mine was giving me a Shorkie tzu puppy. She said we could get the puppy whenever, but I was wondering when exactly is the right age to separate a puppy from it's family? I don't want it to get sad or depressed.
  • Why does my puppy throw up when shes in the car??? I have an 8 week old shorkie puppy and everytime we go for a drive she starts throwing up,can somebody tell me why and what can I do???? I really like to take her to the park but she starts throwing up so its no fun....: ( thanx!!!
  • Where can I find a Shorkie puppy in Iowa? I want a Shorkie (Shih tzu/Yorkie) puppy soon and live in Southern Iowa. Anyone have any ideas?
  • Does anyone know a shorkie breeder in or around Maryland? A couple months ago i finally convinced my dad to let me have a puppy after 9years of constant begging. He finally gave in and i couldn't be happier! Until i tried to find an actual breeder, the only things ive found are puppymills. Incase you dont know what a puppymill is, it's someone who thinks theyre a breeder but theyre not. The raise all sorts of breeds and most of them dont get the proper care. Puppymill puppies usually develop problems as an adult due to lack of care as a puppy. Puppymills are very inhumaine and i refuse the buy a puppy from them. So far theyre the only people ive found, out of hundreds of shorkie puppies ive looked at 99% of them were from a puppymill. I did find a few breeders but none of them are having puppies by the time i want one, which is late march or early april. So please help me!!! If you do know one please email me their email address.