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shorkie dogs questions answered!

  • What do I need before getting a dog? In a week or two I'm getting a dog of my own! It's going to be a shichon, shihpoo, shorkie, or any dogs like that! (: If you could tell me anything and everything about what to get, training, ect. It'd be much appreciated! Oh, and any vaccinations needing to be booked or something...? HELPP! I basically know nothing...Also, it's going to be around 10 weeks old if that helps. Thankss!
  • How can I get my 7 week old new shorkie poo to eat? I just got a 7 week old shorkie-poo. The first couple of days she has been eaten just fine. But yesterday I took her to visit with her parents and siblings, now she will not eat. All she wants to do is sleep. What should I do?
  • How to train my dog to not have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night? I have a year and a half old shorkie (shih tzu/yorkie mix). She is potty trained during the day, but at night it seems she is always getting up and running downstairs to go to the bathroom. I take her food and water away at 9:30 pm and take her out 2 or 3 times after that til around 11 when i go to bed. if she sleeps though the night she is fine, but if something wakes her she runs down to the bathroom. how can i train her to not need to go to the bathroom during the night? or if she wakes up...to be able to hold it til around 7:00 am when i am up.
  • What kind of dog food should I feed my pup? He is a shorkie. Shih tzu and yorkie mix. Is science diet good? Anyways please list some brands for this type of little pup. I want the best for him. Thanks! Yeah I kinda know that knowing he's a mix..
  • How much to neuter a male shorkie? I have a 6 month old male shorkie (shitzu/yorkie). I was wondering how much it would be to get him neutered in Manitoba. He weighs 10 lbs.
  • How to bring in a outside dog inside and introduce him to our inside dog? Ok, so we want to bring in our lab-retriever, he's lived outside his whole life but he is good wen we brought him inside, we have a yorkie mixed with shitsu and he has lived inside with us his whole life, he barks everytime wen he sees our lab and we walked them outside together and they do fine but wen our shorkie sees our lab he barks alot and they have both barked at each other wen one is outside and the other is inside so how do we really introduce them? Our shorkie is kinda fiasty and our lab does not know his own strength how should we go about this?
  • how to train your dog between potty and playtime? I have an 11 month old shorkie. He goes outside to do his business but now since its snowing, he scratches the glass to tell me he wants to go out and play almost every 2 minutes. I was wondering how to teach him to just go outside when he needs to do his business?
  • What does it mean when a female dog's nipples become hard? I have a eight month old Shorkie and while rubbing her belly i felt that her nipples are hard. I would like to know what does that mean and should I be concerned. Does it mean she is in heat?