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pictures of small dogs questions answered!

  • Can you find a picture of the smallest dog in the world? I need a picture of the smallest dog in the world. I have a important thing to do. Please Help!
  • Can anyone show me a picture of the worlds smallest dogs? I dont want to see the worlds smallest dog, I want to see the worlds smallest DOGS and/or puppies.
  • can a larger dog impregnate a smaller dog without complications? can the bigger white dog in the picture can impregnate the smaller dog? http://www.flickr.com/photos/11772498@N02/4614549765/ they actually mated them selves is there any chance that she is not pregnant? complications to the mom and the pups?
  • How to teach big dogs to be considerate of small dogs size? I have a great dane and am getting a small dog (12 pounds). He is very considerate of other dogs when socializing. But- just in case I would like to ask anyone who has a big dog and small dog how they got there big dog to be considerate (not step on, not bite, and to be easy playing) of the small dog. I would like to know about how people taught their big dogs that. Also I would like to ask how to introduce a big dog to a small dog. We are getting our small dog second, since we already have a big dog. Does that make a difference? Thank you.
  • What small dogs are good with kids? I really want a small dog of my own and my mom said maybe but what ones are good with kids. Pictures would be very nice. Thank you and also can you tell me about the breed.
  • How to get people excited about a small dog group? I run a small dog group that meets monthly. I only have a couple regulars, and worry that since the focus isn't about people (but about the dogs), that the human members are bored while their dogs run around and play. Any ideas on how to get people excited to be there?
  • Should I worry about my small dogs with a King Snake around? I saw a white and red snake with black outlining the segments. The closed pictures I found that look like this snake is the King Snake. When this little guy/gal becomes full grown, will I have to worry about my small dogs?
  • What is you favorite small/medium dog breed? Okay, I am thinking about getting a small dog. Everyone in my house is over twelve and I have a cat and another bigger dog-Labrador. I was just wondering, what is your favorite small/medium dog breed- even if it doesn't fit what I said above.
  • What is the smallest breed dog you have ever heard of being mixed with a Great Dane? I would love to find a smaller dog that has the temperament of a Great Dane.
  • How can I convince my mom to get me another dog? I have a lot of pets. I have a guinea pig turtle and two dogs. My brother has a bird. I didn't want the turtle but my dad gave him to me as a gift. I wanted the guinea pig last year and bugged my mom until I have her my money to buy her. My brother also got his bird that day. My guinea pig is very social and now I know how to socialize my pets to make them like me better. When I was six I got my first dog and when I was ten I got my second dog. I got My second dog when my first turtle died. She was supposed to be mine but she ended up liking and following my mom just like my first dog. I really want a small dog that I can carry. I narrowed it down to two breeds: a papillion and a chihuahua. I made a strategy of how to housetrain it and his/her eating schedule. I researched each breed and have pictures to show them if I ever find out how to ask them. I have money from babysitting this year. Next year I'll have a summer job at PlayLand. I'll have enough money to pay for mostly everything. My parents always say that I never play with my dogs but I always do. They yell at my when I play with my youngest one because she has a high pitched bark. I want a dog of my one so I want to wait until my birthday two months before I work so that I can pay for the food. I don't know how to ask without them yelling at me about "not playing with them". I have a place that we got my dogs and my aunt and grandmothers. I know that if I can get them to say yes we can get one there. Any ideas to tell them my plan without them shooting me down in seconds?