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  • Looking for a small breed hypoallergenic puppy? I'm thinking of getting a puppy and was hoping for a some advice or suggestions from other pet owners. I've listed a few of the guidelines I've been considering as I look. 1. Hypoallergenic 2. Little to no shedding 3. toy or small size (under 10 pounds) 4. I live in an apartment with little yard (so something that requires little outdoor exercise and doesn't bark all the time) 5. Doesn't require much grooming 6. pure or mixed breed 7. Easy or fairly easy to train (especailly house training) I'm looking for a companion/lap dog that doesn't mind riding in cars and is good with other dogs and children. I would appreciate any suggestions. Also, I've looked at a few different mixed breeds (like the papi-poo and yorkie-poo) but can't find any pictures of what they look like as adults. Any suggestions?
  • does anyone own a shorkie/ shihtzu yorkshire terrier mix puppy? if so how do you like it? ? i am planning on getting one and i want to make sure its the right pup for me lol i want it to be happy and me as well? please give me as much information as possible in regards to EVERYTHING that has to do with them :) thanks.
  • What would a Westie/Shorkie look like? Does anyone know what a westie mixed with a shokie(shih tzu and yorkie) would look like? My sister is drawing a picture of an odd looking dog for her story. I own a shorkie and she loves westies. Also after you answer my question, if you have any other ideas on really odd mixes I'd appreciate it.
  • Do you agree with designers breeds or consider that those cute mixes are accidents or something worst? So many greedy people are mixing dogs in a crazy way, maybe to get more money with a fancy advertising. As an example, when I purchased my maltese, there was mixed breeds like bichon-pom, pom-chis or morkies that were even more expensive. I have a mixec before and he was great (but I don't think it's to be paid such exhorbitant prices. BTW, after browsing for a while I'll share the pictures of my dog in here, because he might not be purebred either, but I love him anyway. Just to clarify, I'm not a "breeder" or anything like that, I've had four dogs in 28 years, and only purchased the last one. Two of them were gifts after "heat accidents", (mixed of course, but extremely healthy and well behaved) and the other was a puppy rescued from a garbage bag. I agree about health problems in mixes though, for my mixed chihuahua pomeranian (POM-CHI :") was always looked after from my friends as stud, but none of his beautiful puppies survived, even in excellent homes.
  • Best Medium sized dog for my needs? I have a shorkie (Yorkshire-Terrier Shih-tzu) and she is very active & loves to play with ALL dogs I am considering getting another dog, but this time i'm going to go with something a little bit bigger, since she is only 15lbs (maybe less) Looking for an active breed of dog that are usually friendly, and under 40 pounds (so it doesn't eat my dog) please list as many as you can and try to provide pictures. thanks!
  • What Breed is This Dog? http://s118.photobucket.com/albums/o82/tehkawaiibunny/?action=view&current=getsmart.jpg i know it's not a very good picture but it's all i could find. so yeah what breed is Fang from Get Smart?
  • Dog Question? How much is a shorkie Tzu from -Petland -Breeder http://www.breederinfocenter.com/index.php?a_id=20060817141354 It looks like the first picture
  • What should I name my Shorkie? I just got a Shorkie three days ago (a Shorkie is a mix of a Yorkie and a Shih Tzu). He is a three month old male dog. My family and I have been trying to think of a good name, but we cannot all agree on one. Do you have any suggestions for a good name? I'd prefer that it's not a human name or a traditional name like Spot, Lassie, etc. Here is a link with a picture that kind of looks like him http://adorablepups.com/images/shorkie022908_small.jpg . Thanks!
  • My 7 week old puppy may have come into contact with the Parvovirus...? I took my new 7 week old Shorkie to my in laws house. They have an older puppy, probably 6 months old, that we found out has Parvo. He had it at the time we went over to the house but we didn't know it at the time. My pup is still to young to have his Parvo shot..he is acting fine but I read where the virus can take 1 to 2 weeks before the physical symptoms occur. What should I do? He didn't actually interact with the dog, but did go outside to potty. I've heard that parvo lives in the ground so this is why I'm scared. Obviously the breeder did not know what the hell she was talking about because she told me he couldn't have shots until 8 weeks. Thanks for the advice. Making an appointment now.
  • Got dog for my gf for Xmas. People we got it from said it would be 8 lbs tops dog is now 23. Advice? We love the dog to death but our hous/living situation will not permit this large of a dog. We were told the mother was 3 lbs and the father was 9 lbs. We were assued over and over that the dog would not grow to be a large dog, not reaching over 8 lbs tops. Now we don't know what to do, as we are attatched to the dog, but the dog is too big for our living situation. We paid $330 for the dog as we were told it was a Shorkie (Shitzue/Yorkie). Is there any legal recouse that we can take for this. Our really good friend bought the brother to ours and it is already 25 lbs. We tried to be smart, informed (we researched dogs for 3 months before we made the purchse) We saw what we thought was one of the parents of our dog but there is now way that it could have been. We are going to be crushed if we have to hand the dog over to someone else but we can't keep it in the situation that we are in, not financially. Advice please. Oh and the dog is only 6 months old. How big is he going to get? :(