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shorkie information questions answered!

  • Questions about my shorkie!? I have a shorkie, it's a girl. She has a pug toy and she humps it alot... should I be worried? What does it mean?
  • Anyone know about different small dog breed termperaments and training? Yorkie, Shorkie, Shichon, Maltese, etc? Hi I wanted to get a small dog : Yorkie, Shorkie (shih zu/yorkie), Shichon (shih tzu/ bichon), Maltese, Yorkie-Poodle etc Does anyone know about the different breed's temperaments? This would be for an apartment but I would of course walk/jog/hike with the dog at least every day. I also would never leave it alone for too long without a dog walker/ radio/ treats/ toys/ puzzles etc Which dogs are easier to raise based on breed etc? Which require more attention? Which can be left alone longer?
  • Free ShihTzu , Yorkie , Or Shorkie? Does anyone know where i can get a free Shih-Tzu, Yorkie, or Shorkie along with free shipping? I know it may be impossible but my neighbor got hers for free from a rescue center but they don't have anymore. Please help. Any good information would be appreciated.
  • My puppy is not active and doing alot of sleeping? My fifteen week old shorkie pup just started to shake and she was very limp this was very sudden. I rushed her to the vet where she took a blood test and was tested for parvo No parvo detected thank God but he said that she was dehydrated and gave her fluids via needle and then told me her blood glucose is low. I was allowed to bring her home and given a probiotic and a tube of nutri cal which is suppose to help the bgl. It has been two days she eats normally no vomit or diahrea but she only walks around might play for 5 min then go to sleep. ive been following all the vets directions with the probiotics and the nutri cal but she still gets limp and sleepy Is the nursing period longer ? should i be worried ? My wife is having anxiety as well as panic attacks This is our first puppy and we are nervous Any certified answer would gladly be appreciated thank you from us and little noodle
  • What are with these idiots? With the internet, surely there is enough information at the fingertips of these people to understand what they are doing. "I'm going to breed my mutt!". Then they come back in 2 months and say "OMG what do I do?!" Who can forget the "Where can I find a teacup Chihuahua or Yorkie?" people. These people must have used Google at some point in regards to these situations. Aren't there plenty of websites that let them know what they are doing to shelter dogs, what these "teacup" things are, the millions of mutts euthanized annually? So...Thoughts? Why do you think these people continue to destroy things for shelter dogs and make themselves look like morons when they could simply do the right thing and be praised for it, rather than satisfying their own selfish desires and turning their noses up at the facts?
  • Looking For A Very Unique Puppy Name!? My yorkshire terrier who was 15 years old, recently passed away, and I've noticed my other yorkie and even myself have of course been really sad and upset over the loss. Anyways we've decided to get another puppy, but I'm having the hardest time deciding on a name. I'm looking for something unique, cute, and girly for a female Shorkie (Yorkie + Shih Tzu mix). My Yorkie who is still living is named Riku so it would be great to have something cute to go with that. Names that I've been able to come up with so far are Kairi and Mimzy, right now I'm kind of leaning towards Mimzy. But I'm open to any suggestions! Thanks for your help! It also helps to have a picture go with it, but here's the puppy we're looking into buying! http://www.greenfieldpuppies.com/content/gallery/Imageresizer.asp?i=/content/gallery/images/molly%20shorkie.jpg&w=350
  • Help me please!!... anyone? Does anyone know where i can get a baby male Shorkie (shih tzu/yorkie mix) puppy for a price under $200 in new jersey? i know its a lot of information... but i would greatly appreciate it if you at least tried to help me. Thank you in advance <33
  • Should I get a Weimaraner Puppy? I have always wanted a weimaraner...my husband has picked out the last two dogs we have owned...the first a shorkie when my step daughter and step son were young...then our boston terrier for our daughter when she was young...both rescued from the animal shelter...Now our son is 2 1/2 and I want a puppy to grow up with him...so now i want to choose this one...and i want a weimaraner...does anyone own a weimaraner...and have information on them...are they as wonderful as they appear...My boston is wonderful I would recommend them to anyone...and thats what i want to know Weimaraner owners do you recommend one for my family????and to add ...bc i know it may be said about the young kids....I dont let my children handle animals like they are rag toys and all that...I hate that...so...I teach my children to treat the dog with respect and boundaries...so thanks a bunch for any answers and info you give me about this breed. and also if you want to add...bc i do have one young child...do you recommend a adult rescue..or should i get a puppy to train myself???