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shorkie for sale questions answered!

  • How much is a good price to sell a Shorkie? ( A shorkie is a yorkie and shih tzu mix ) plz plz help :-)
  • We live in Utah and are looking for a potty-trained Shorkie for the family, anybody know of one for sale? We are looking for a dog that is hypo-allergenic and house trained. We have decided that a Yorkie-Shih Tzu mix also known as a Shorkie is the best for us. There are a lot of breeders in other states but we don't want it to have to be shipped by plane to us. It would be ideal to just have one already here in Utah that we can purchase and pick up.
  • anyone know where to adopt/buy a puppy in washington? does anyone know where i can find a baby shih tzu, shorkie tzu, or maltese for sale/adoption in tacoma/seattle washington??? plzzzz i have been looking for 3 days now and cant find nothing... :' [
  • Where Can I Get A Shorkie? I dont really want to say my age but im between 13-16 and i really want a shorkie -shih tzu and yorkie mixed- so i was wondering where i could get one for not that much money in the houston area. if i cant get a shorkie im also interested in just a yorkie or a pomerainean
  • I need advice of what to do? I am a single mom and I have a daughter that is an only child she absolutely loves dogs. So I saved every penny that I could to get her a puppy. Well I finally reached 300 dollars and I was so happy right before her birthday. I searched and searched and all people were trying to do was con Me and lie to me. So finally on June 5th I went onto Craigslist and it stated that she had Yorkie pups and not to contact until after 12 so I waited patiently. Finally 12 rolls around and I contact her she stated she had two puppies one boy and one girl the mom was Yorkie and the dad was shah tzu she showed me p$ics and she assured me they already had all their shots and everything. She stated that she had gotten their shots at Barcs. Well she told me the puppies were 4 months old and she wanted 300 for each of them. I said Alright they have their shots and they were puppies Yes I said I will take the girl. She said when will you be picking them up? I stated today. So a couple hours later I called her back and told her I'm on my way and she said she was going to have me meet her at the Westside shopping center I said Oh I have no idea where that's at.Then she said Oh how about the McDonald's? I said I know where that is. Well I get there my Aunt and I and she pulls up in a silver Mitsubishi galant. I get out she has the dog in the back and it appeared to be big but still little. I never owned a Shorkie so I wasn't completely sure. My Aunt said told her that dog looks big she then stated that the dog takes after her mom with her chunkiness and her dad with her length. Well it sounded believable. Then I asked her for the shot records and she gave me this song and dance that her sister has the shot records and she would give them to me by Sun when her sister gets home from business. I had her sign a statement saying such but if it's not her right info what's the sense. Well it's Mon June 10the & I have been trying to get hold of her for days she hangs up on me and has not contacted
  • I NEED teacup yorkies or shorkies for sale! :)? i really want a teacup yorkie or shorkie, so if u know any websites or anithing please answer below! :) ~natalie
  • Where can I find Shorkie puppies for sale? I recently had to put down my 1 year old shorkie Max. He was the best dog, except for his aggressive behavior. He bit several times, including 2 weeks after we got him. We're almost positive that his breeder was inbreeding dogs, causing a disorder. Everything about this dog was just amazing, and I'm looking for another one, not from my original seller. Does anyone know where I can get shorkie puppies in California or nearby California? I'm looking at a price preferably under $1250, and please do not refer me to any links operated or owned by pricelesspups.com or shorkieworld (run by pricelesspups). I can't expect anyone to understand what I've felt for my dog. Not a day has past where I don't think and cry about him. Weirdly enough he was born on the same exact day he died. I have looked at petfinder, ebay, and craigslist. I bought my dog for $700. I know that $1250 is an expensive price, yet still it is one worth paying. So far I've only found this: http://www.sanfranciscodesignerpuppies.com/breed/shorkie/?id=219215 It's almost an exact copy of my dog in terms of looks, and as weird as it may seem, it's what I'm looking for. Unfortunately though, this dog is located in Oklahoma, and seller is not releasing any info about the breeder, meaning I can't go see it's parents, I can't test it or dominance, and I'm not about to ship it via plane as I can't imagine how traumatized the dog would be. I'm not about to set my sights on another breed, and I have already checked the ASPCA for any of the kind. I'm looking for help finding a shorkie, not alternate suggestions. I do understand that this dog is probably from a mill, that's why i'm not getting it. If I was would I be asking for help now? No, now please, stop with all the comments about getting a different mutt or breed, because I came here asking for help on where to find a reputable breeder, and almost all answers I've gotten make me look like a total ass for wanting to get a dog that isn't from the SPCA or the pound.
  • Opinion about "shorkies"? I know someone who knows someone who has a "shorkie" for sale for $400... I think it's a lot for a mixed breed (although she does have papers). I would rather get a yorkie, but my mother wants the shorkie. I have heard the shorkies are prone to health problems, is this true? If so, what kind of health problems? Are there any other problems with "shorkies"? Any tips on convincing my mother to get a yorkie over a "shorkie"? BTW: The reason my mother wants the shorkie is because she has an awesome personality. I do agree she is a "mutt", that was not my question... Don't freak out people! That is what I was told. They told me she had papers. Thank you for the information, I just assumed that she was a registered breed, because they told me she was! lol. I did some research and the AKC does not recognise "shorkies" as a breed. Thank you for all the information. I did some more research and yes she does have papers... but not the type of papers you think of when you hear "papers". She is a registered hybrid, meaning both parrents were purebreads. I still think $400 is too much for the dog, but convincing my mother the same is another story.
  • Who owns a Shorkie (yorkie X Shitzu mix)? For some reason, these dogs are now being called "designer", when they are indeed cute mix mutts. My question is temperament wise what can be said about them? In my experience i have own a yorkie / papillon mix. fantasic dog combination. however, i can not find those mutts anywhere, for what i would pay. same goes for shorkies i see them for sale at 1500!!! what the heck. i would consider owning one, but not at that price. anyways, back to temperament and personality. i have read they are lovers and a bit lazy, good family dogs with children. my local shelter doesnt have any of those mix breeds, ive checked