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shorkie breeders questions answered!

  • How old should puppies be before they are adopted? I'm suppose to be getting a puppy from a co worker. She said the puppy would be ready in a week. That seems way to young to me. It is a shorkie.
  • Yorkshire Terrier or Shorkie breeders in Calgary? I've been looking for a Yorkshire Terrier for the longest time, and have had no luck so far. I'm trying to find one to adopt, but i'm starting to believe that's impossible these days. Do you know anyone that breeds Yorkshires or Shorkies, and will give one up for adoption? I was raised around dogs, and treat them like family. Not like an animal. I'm desperate. Thank you!
  • Are there cat breeders who crossbreed and give the kittens a fancy name? For example, in dog breeding some people will breed a Labrador and a Poodle and call them 'Labradoodles'. Then they sell them for a ridiculous price even though they technically aren't even a real breed. I know BYBs, and kittymills exist, but do crazy crossbreeds exist in the cat world?
  • What is a good price for a shorkie puppy? Or shihtzu yorkie mix? I am looking at an 8 week old female puppy for $450... is that too much? It is a reputable breeder. They have shih tzus and yorkies too.. Pure breds, but I like shorkies.