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basenji dog questions answered!

  • Where can I buy a Basenji dog? I'm looking to buy a well-trained Basenji dog. I live in Central New York. Where can I find and buy one of these dogs? I'd prefer if I didn't have to drive more than a state away to get one. I'd prefer to adopt an older dog instead of buying a puppy.
  • what does it mean when a basenji dog whines? Are they sad? Are they trying to talk? Are they hungry/thirsty? What does it mean when a Basenji Dog whines?
  • Old black and white movie about a boy and Basenji,maybe made in the 40s or 50s? Black and white movie,maybe made in the 40s or 50s,about a boy and Basenji dog? A poor little boy finds a Basenji and he takes it home.The dog lives with him and his Grandpa,and is a good hunting dog. The rich owner finds the dog and I think he lets the boy keep it,but am not sure. Does anyone know the name of this movie? Stephanie - That's it. It's such a good movie.Thanks!
  • On average, how much does it cost to take care of a Basenji dog?.? I am just asking as an average, I know that it varies from owner to owner but any approximate answers would be helpful. :) This is including grooming, taking it to the vet, other expenses. This is my first time thinking about getting a dog and i just want to know an approximate amount of money i need to spend on this Basenji dog. Thank-you for your time ;)
  • How can Basenji breeders do this? The basenji dog has its akc recognition but people still import dogs from Africa to breed with their american basenji dogs... the reason they do this is for better coloring and better genetics but how can AKC let them do this?
  • When do you let your dog bark freely and when do you stop your dog from barking? Every dog barks except the basenji.A dog is going to bark.It is impossible to have a dog who never barks in their life?When do you tell your dog no and stop them and when do you let them bark freely?
  • How do I stop my dog from biting people? I adopted a 1 year old Basenji/Cattle dog in Nov. He was timid at first and insecure. Now he's a great dog...for the most part. When someone comes to our house, he bites the back of their legs. He doesn't do it to everyone, just some people. And some people, every time they come over. It's like he's afraid of them and is trying to protect himself. I want to take him to the dog park, but what if he bites someone? How can I make him stop? We put him in kennel when there is a problem and tell him he's a bad dog. He can't come out unless he can leave the person alone or when they leave.
  • My friends dog is Throwing up everyday help? My friend's Basenji dog has been throwing up for two days. The Basenji dogs can absorb chemicals through there skin (so my friend says) the vomiting started after there yard was sprayed and she suspects their dog absorbed the chemical, what can she do for the dog other than take him to the vet? (dont yell at me i personally think they should take the dog to the vet but she doesnt think the vet can help him)
  • Does anyone have a basenji dog in SG? Does anyone have a basenji dog in SG?
  • Is a my pit/rotwiler/basenji dog going to be good around 4 cats? Going to be moving into my moms for a bit and she has 4 cats. My dog is a pitbull/rottweiler/basenji mix. I'm scared she will act different being around her cats. She been over there before and never really seems to care but to be living might be different?