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basenji puppies questions answered!

  • How much would a Basenji puppy cost in Canada? I'm researching about the basenji because one day I think I'm going to adopt one, so what is the average cost of a basenji puppy from a breeder?
  • How long can an 11 week old basenji puppy be left in his crate? We recently got a basenji puppy, and we took the first week he was with us off from work to be with him, but this week we had to go back to work. My fiance leaves at 9am and comes back to the house for lunch with the pup from 1230 to 130, then I get home between 530 and 6pm. However, I am worried this is too long for him. What should we do?
  • My Puppy Has Diarrhea And His Nose Is Icy Cold? does this mean shes sick? if so, what does she have? its a 5 month old basenji and all she seems to do is sleep, im not se if its the food, because whenever i give her kirkland puppy food it makes her poop wet, and when i give her this other one called Nutro it makes her poop solid, also what food do you think is best for basenji puppys? also, shes lost alot of wait.
  • Does anyone know any Basenji breeders in the UK in stock for Christmas? I am looking for a Basenji puppy for christmas but they seem to be so rare. They seem to be an ideal breed and I am desperate for one but I have difficulties finding ANY breeders in stock, please help.
  • how much would a Basenji puppy cost? how much would a Basenji puppy cost? would it be rare to find a Basenji at adoption center?
  • What Foods/Plants are poisonous to a basenji? I want to know what I can and can't feed my basenji puppy. I come here for a lot of my answers.
  • Will two basenjis of the same age get along together? We bought a basenji puppy a few month ago no we are thinking about getting one of his brothers? Is this an ok idea? No I am not an inexperienced dog owner, we have had show dogs and been in the dog world for awhile I was just unsure because the basenji is honestly a very unique breed... Thank you Yes they are both neutered.
  • How come my dog doesn't chew his bone until we get back home? When we leave the house we sometimes give him a dental bone and when we get home the bone is still untouched then after he gives us his usual hugs and kisses he then starts chewing his bone. Anyone know why he does this? Just curious. He's only 7 months old basenji puppy.
  • Know anyone with a female Basenji puppy? I'm looking for a female Basenji. Puppy preferably. If anyone has one or knows of one feel free to let me know! =o)
  • Why does my Basenji/Chihuahua puppy growl and snap at everyone but me when he is trying to sleep next to me? We have recently adopted a male Basenji/Chihuahua puppy, he is approximately 3-4 months old. When he is napping or even just lying next to me, and another member of our family tries to pick him up he growls and nips at them, is this normal and how can we stop him from this behavior? He has become very attached to me, cries when I leave his sight and he cannot get to me, we are trying to break that as well. lol