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  • What type of small dog is the best for a lap dog? What type of small dog (under 10 lb) is best for someone who wants a lap dog. I have a 20 lb doxie, but I would like to another small, long lived, dog I could take with me in a bag ( or at least sit on my lap). what do you think of toy poodles and chihuahuas? Any other dog breeds? Don't worry... I hope to get my new dog at an animal shelter :) Thanks, Rachel You can find many pure breed dogs in pounds and shelters, so I'm not worried. I woundn't mind a mix breed if it was the right one.
  • What are types of small dogs that look like Siberian Huskies? What are some types of small sized dogs that look similar to a Siberian Husky?
  • What is a good small dog to start a kennel with? My Dad said when I turn 12 my he will let me start a small dog kennel he had one for pit bulls sos i know he's good, and I dont know what type of small dog to use.
  • What type of small breed dog should I get? Ok so my birthday is June 9 and I really want an indoor small breed dog (I already have two farm dogs outside) I wanted to know if you know of any type small breed dog that you think would be best for me. It has to have these: Short fur Not too small Has energy for long walks Playful Last but not least it has to be... CUTE! Know I know I should adopt from a shelter and that's what I was hoping to do but I need to know what breed to look for and then I have to research it before I'm allowed to get it
  • What type of small dog is perfect for travel? I really want a small dog but it has to be small and great for traveling. I was kind of thinking about the type of pug the Massie Block has in the Clique series. I also want it to be loyal, loveable,and always want to be near my side. THANKS! Forgot to say that it would adopt the dog. I love animals and the traveling wouldn't be too frequent. Thanks
  • What are some small breeds of dog with friendly dispositions? I would like to know some options of small dog breeds...so for example cavoodles, or any type of small dog breed with a friendly disposition towards people of all ages. I dont want a dog that will yap or bark alot....any ideas? not as big as a beagle plz
  • What type of small dog is good for an apartment? I would like a friendly small dog thats good for an apartment living (no back yard only walking with owner) Any advice or tips for looking for a dog? Any what do I do if it snows and the dog and I cannot get outside if its a bad storm? Does the wee wee pads work? Thank you for advice! Some apartments allow dogs there...
  • I would like to get a small dog. What kind of dog would get along good with my cats.? I have three cats and love them deeply but i would like to get some type of small dog that would be a good addition to our family.
  • What kind of dog is good for an apartment? I am moving into a small apartment here soon. I want a dog, but I don't want to locl them in all day while a work. What type of small dog would be able to live in an apartment? Or should I just give it up and get a cat. Please help.