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basenji rescue questions answered!

  • Is a dudley nose a drawback in a Basenji? We just got a 2yo Basenji rescue and she has a dudley nose, (not black), is this normal ?
  • What should I do with my Basenji? I am at wits end with my Basenji. I love the little booger but he's become aggressive and I am not going to risk letting my newborn get bit! What should I do? Should I put an add in the paper, turn him into the humane society, or sell him to a basenji rescue. The obvious answer is the rescue but I can't afford it being a new parent. Do you think he is alost cause if he's biting? When he bites it's usually really for no reason. For example, last night he was sleeping on my lap and I was rubbing his head; 5 min later the turd attacked me. This isn't the first time and I am well aware to not startle them from behind... He's just crazy every rare occasion. Anyone's advice would be helpful. I just don't know if he's going to get put to sleep (I really hope not) or if there is a chance someone would be willing to put up with him. 90% of the time he is a perfect sweet angel.
  • How can I help my adopted basenji mix to eat her food???? I brought my adopted basenji home and she does not want to eat!! I tried adding a little flavor by putting some doggie BBQ sauce which she liked from my hand, but still wont eat her food!! I did not change foods and she needs to gain a little weight because i can see her ribs!! Please help us!!!!
  • How Many Basenji Owners are on here? What color and sex do you prefer? I'm on my second. He's a 3 year old bridle. My first was a rescue, red and white female. She died at 9 years old of kidney failure. Just curious who else is out there.
  • How can you tell what breed a mutt is? We rescued a pup from the pound over 4 years ago and we would LOVE to know what breed she is. We were told Akita/Chow, but the only physical characteristics she has of those breeds are the curly tail and the black tongue. Are the DNA kits really credible or worth it? Can someone just look at a dog and determine what it is?
  • questions on picking up our new dog from the airport? We just rescued a dog. Our new friend is a 2 year old mix breed. We did not see the dog. The shelter said the dog was lay back with a good personality & we only saw pictures. The dog is flying in from St. Louis to NJ. 1) What to expect during pick up? 2) Can we bath the dog on the first day? 3) Is this method of transporting safe?
  • How to find an older male basenji? I have a one year old female Basenji and I would like to find her an older registered male partner to keep as a pet and breed her with. I've searched online, but rescued basenjis are usually neutered, and all the other ads are for puppies. What'd be a good way to find an older male basenji? Thank you for your candor, but I already own one rescued animal. My basenji is CKC regisered, and of course I'm going to be picky when it comes to breeding.
  • Anyone know of anyone who breeds Basenjis in North Carolina? I would like to have a location in NC where I can find a Basenji. I recently lost mine and I'd like to find another. I know there are breeders in Georgia, but I'd like to find one a bit closer to home. Any help would be appreciated.
  • I need a Basenji Breeder in New York? I am searching for a reputable Basenji breeder in NY. There are only 2 listed on the Basenji Club of America website (www.basenji.org) but it says only a few registered breeder are listed. Does anyone know of any others within 3 or 400 miles of NYC? Also, whats the latest date that most waiting list usually fill up?