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basenji pictures questions answered!

  • What sort of person does a Basenji Owner need to be? People keep saying all sorts of stuff about Basenjis. That they're loud, destructive, disobedient, hard to train etc. so what sort of person would be good as a Basenji owner. What qualities does a person need in order to be able to live happily with a Basenji? Also if you had two Basenjis instead of one would that be better or worse than having just one? They could keep each other company during the day right, wouldn't get bored, wouldn't start screaming, right?
  • What dog breed is my Basenji mutt mixed with? My family has been pondering for a few months now what kind of Mix our new dog, Django, is. We know he is part Basenji (according to the Vet) because of his ululation, body-type, and behavior. The Vet thought he might be part Corgi, but I have looked up Basenji/Corgi mixes and they looked (as I suspected) nothing like our taller, leaner & lankier Django-pup. The Basenji/Corgi mixes I saw all had signature corgi features like short legs, splotches, and comically over-sized ears--None of which is the case with my little buddy. I will post pictures if possible, but in the meantime here is a description: -He is a year old -He has no spots or blotches. Completely almond brown over his entire body (with a lighter hue on his underside) -He looks almost like a miniature greyhound or Azawakh* (but this cannot be his other half, because he is smaller than both Basenjis and other skinnier sighthound-types. If he were Basenji/Azawakh he would be right between the two breeds in size). -His tail is not curly (as is characteristic of Basenjis) but is slightly curved, thin w/ fairly short hairs and about 10in. long (coming to a point). When relaxed, it hangs behind him. When in play/attack mode, it lifts up and wags, but maintains its slight curve (never sticking out straight). -When relaxed, his ears lay naturally back along the side of his head, toward his neck. But when curious, they lift up slightly (very similar to a chihuahua). When fully alert, they become pointy, and can stick straight up like a Basenji. -His body is lean and the muscles are visible through his skin-tight coat. He has a very athletic body and is quite literally the fastest dog I've ever seen run. When in full stride, it is clear he has maintained the Basenji's double-suspension gallop. His gait is comparable to a horse's gallop. -His head is not over-sized (like a Corgi's) but matches his body-size (about 2ft. long from head to tail-bone, and 8 inches from the tip of his nose to the back of his head; he is about 1 ft. 7 in. tall when standing on all four legs) Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, -AW * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basenji * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azawakh http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_dog_breeds
  • Does anyone know what breed of dog this is? I live in SoCal and lately I've been seeing a lot of little, gold, fox-like dogs with curled tails that look like a Shiba Inu or a Finnish Spitz, but less stocky and with a shorter coat. I saw them a lot in Japan as well, and I've been trying to find out what type of dog this is with no luck. It may be some mix of the Shiba Inu, but all the pictures I've found of that breed don't look quite right. Any ideas? Thanks.
  • is there a domestic breed of dog that looks like a dingo? is there a domesticated breed of dog that looks similar to a dingo, with short fur, pointed erect ears, and a lean body? a picture of a dingo http://www.holiday-wa.net/midwestregion/images/DingoLarge.jpg if there are some what are the names of the breeds?
  • There is a dog that keeps terrorizing my family and pets. How do I catch it without harming it? It is a Jack Russell terrier mix. It doesn't respond to treats and will not come near any person what so ever. One of my dogs is in heat, but even with her in the kennel, he keeps coming around. What can I do?
  • What kind of dog should I get and why? I want a dog that is not too big, but not too small either. It must not shed a lot, and must not be one of those shaggy-haired dogs. I also dont want it to be practically bald. No huge flapping ears. No huge globs of drool. Must be energetic, always keeping me busy. Must be cool with children, but I also want it to stay mostly attached to me. Oh, and must not cost me a fortune. Any suggestions? Please?! It doesn't have to be an exact match, but something close enough!
  • List your reasons why you think dogs are better pets than cats? what the ... oh god noooooo ... why did yahoo recommend and put this in the cat section? This is meant for the DOG section!
  • Is it risky to buy a pedigree without any papers? I am planning to buy a 14 week old bitch dog. The seller is not the breeder and is selling because of personal circumstances. They state that the dog is a pedigree but have no papers but claim they have 5 genuine pedigree (unsure what that means) I am not planning to breed with this bitch, I just want it as a family dog. Does it matter if I dont have any papers? Would love anyone to help/give advise:) Sorry meant 5 generation pedigree