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basenji mix questions answered!

  • My Basenji guards me, does that mean that he does not recognize me as the alpha? We have a 3 years old Basenji mix with 2 previous owners. We have had him for about 2 months. When we got him, he was not well socialized with other people or animals, exhibited lots of dominant behaviors, and did not get along well with our cat. Over the last two months, we have brought him to a place where he is calmer, listens better, and has healthy socialization with other people and animals (including the cat). Our problem is that he still does not listen well when we are outside and he sees other dogs or people; he always wants to run to them. Also, when in the home, he constantly walks with me and often displays guarding behavior when my boyfriend is affectionate with me. Our concern is that this guarding behavior will prevent him from truly recognizing me as the alpha and, if so, we are not sure how to go about preventing him from continuing it. Please help!
  • How did you train your dog to calmly greet people? My basenji mix loves people and gets very excited when meeting people on walks and especially if someone comes in the house. He does the basenji howl a lot, and I think it scares some people. How did you train your dog to calmly meet new people? Thanks for the ideas, I've already taken three training classes and try the techniques that I've learned there (when I come home he does a down-stay on his mat for attention)
  • How do I train my dog to stay out of my way as I walk around the house? Dot is a 5 year old mutt that I've had for four years. She was listed as a Basenji mix at the pound when I adopted her, but she looks exactly like a Canaan which is similar. The description on AKCs website almost fits her to a tee. Dot is constantly under my feet. Both of the breeds I mentioned are herding dogs and I wonder if she is constantly trying to herd me toward the Treat Jar. Do you have any tips or suggestions to keep her out of my way? Every time I walk from one end of the house to the other, I have to travel at a snail's pace because she is slowly walking backward or hopping around directly in front of me. I'd love to be able to walk around without her in the way. She acts very young even though she's 5 and often shows puppy like behavior like rear up, front paws down while she is underfoot.
  • Where can I find a long term dog boarding in the greater Akron Ohio area? Need help! Mine and my girls lease is up at the end of the month. We have decided that she is gonna go finish school for a semester in Tiffin, and I am going to go live with my parents for the time being and save some money. We have a pit/rotwieller/basenji mix puppy, about a year old. We have already paid for her tags, shots, and whatnot so getting rid of her is not an option. My parents have cats so living there isnt an option and neither is in Tiffin. Do anyone have any clue of a solution for us? We need a place for our dog to stay for around 4 to 5 months. We would like to pick her up whenever and can pay for food and whatever, just need a place for her to stay.. Please help.
  • How come not all dogs need their anal glands expressed? My boston terrier (7 yrs old ) never needed them expressed but my Basenji mix ( 4 yrs old ) needs them expressed every couple of months. Why?
  • Why do people say a dogs belong in the house? I mean I understand a small dog or something living inside I have a rat terrier/basenji mix who lives inside because she is small. It seems like people seem to forget the facf they are dogs not human. They were born for the outside world that is why they lose fur in the Summer and gain in the Winter. My grandparents have a golden retriever and it is happy maybe because it is not caged in because my grandparents know everyone in their neighborhood their 5 houses and a big mountain. But people think it is cruel when the outside is their nature I mean maybe in a storm or something you could let them in the basement, garage, or somewhere they wouldn't make a mess. Before too long thy are gonna say you need to massage your dog or something. It almost seems like people are treating dogs like humans.
  • Is there anything I can do to alleviate demodex symptoms between Mitaban dips? We rescued an 8 week old basenji mix puppy 3 weeks ago. After having her for 2 weeks we discovered she had roundworms (though the rescue says she had been de-wormed). A few days after seeing the vet we noticed a small loss of fur around her eyes and the next day she had thinning hair on her forehead. We took her to the vet immediately and found out she had demodex mange. She was given a Mitaban dip and we were told she would need to come back every 2 weeks for several treatments until we had 2 negative scrapes for mites. As we left the vet told us that she could possibly get worse before she gets betters, including reddened skin and bumps. This morning (2 days after her dip) she is definitely worse and now has bumps, scabs and a few sores. It is Sunday so I plan on calling the vet tomorrow first thing because I fear she may have gotten a secondary infection that requires antibiotics. My question is: Though I plan to continue with the vet's treatment plan, I wonder if there is any SAFE things I can do at home to alleviate the symptoms? I can tell she is uncomfortable because she doesn't want to play, sleeps and cuddles a lot, itches herself, and pulls away if I try to touch her head (where there appears to be bumps/sores). I have coconut oil and I wonder if it would be okay to dab a little of that on her scabs since it is safe to ingest. I don't feel comfortable using benadryl or cortisone cream without my doctor's approval. And even though my doctor did not mention anything about whether or not she could be bathed in between dips, I have read online that you should probably not get them wet in between. Like I said, we will be seeing him tomorrow, I just wonder if there's something I can do today.
  • Anyone have experience with Basenjis and cats? I have a Basenji-mix, and she can't seem to decide whether to chase my four cats or to nuzzle them and stick her nose in their ears. She also play-bows to them and tries to get them to chase her -- is that typical?