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schnoodle puppies questions answered!

  • The best food for a 3 month old schnoodle puppy? What would the best food to feed a 3 month old schnoodle puppy? Once he matures what would be the best food to switch to (and when would the right time to switch be)? What are the best toys to give to puppies?
  • Is it normal for a puppy to growl during playtime? My 16 week old Schnoodle puppy (Dudley) growls during play, especially whilst playing chase and tug-o-war. he occasionally barks too. Are these early signs of aggression or normal?
  • How to handle an aggressive puppy? I have a six-month old male Schnoodle puppy that barks, growls, and snaps at my mom whenever she gets close to him when he is sitting with my brother, father, or myself. What should we do to correct this behavior? It's not all the time. It happens most when we are in our room, when he is sitting under our chair in the study, or laying close to my father in the living room. It doesn't happen when she approaches is around us everywhere else. Please help us!
  • Why is my puppy drooling so much? I have a three month old schnoodle puppy who has never had a problem with drooling before. But this afternoon she just started drooling to the point where her mouth, chin and paws are soaked. Most things I read say its probably from teething but it just started happening and is excessive. I've noticed a few times she makes a noise as if she is trying to hack something up so I took her outside and gave her a cookie which seemed to help somewhat. Did I do the right thing or is there something really wrong with her? It's not from heat, its only 66 degrees today. The drooling started suddenly, one minute she was fine, the next she is drooling very badly. As far as the toxins go... one never knows for sure. I sure would hate to think that.
  • Does anyone have a super great way to teach a dog pottytraining? My family just got a schnoodle puppy and we want a really great way to pottytrain her easily because she's supposed to be a very intellegent dog breed.
  • How do you find a reputable dog breeder? I am looking for a schnoodle puppy but don't know how to find a reputable breeder. Any help would be appreciated.... Thanks! I wasn't looking to offend "true" breeders... It is just we like the qualitles of the 2 dogs and can only get one so this was the conclusion we came to. I have nothing against adopting from a shelter but it's just in that case you don't know the dam or sir therefor can't ask about a history, that's all.
  • Cockapoo or Schnoodle, which is the better breed? I am trying to decide between a Cockapoo and a Schnoodle puppy. (I don't want a pure bred). Which one would make a better family pet? Which one is more intelligent? Which is easier to train? What are the pros and cons of each breed? I like them both. Please help me decide. Any information is appreciated.
  • Petco puppy training classes, are they worth it? I was just wondering if your puppy actually learned anything from these classes? What did they learn, like what commands? And what was the cost of the classes? I'm getting a schnoodle puppy in April and I'm just wondering if I should pay for the classes or try o teach the puppy myself.
  • How do I entertain my miniature schnoodle puppy? my schnoodle( schnauzer and poodle) puppy loves toys but he never plays with them for long he soons gets bored. He's yoo intelligent to preoccupy himself with simple toys same goes for kong. Do you have any ideas and or games that will entertain him?
  • What's a good type of bed to buy for a schnoodle puppy? I know puppies have to be housetrained, so I prefer a bed that is recommended for puppies that are not yet housetrained. We're going to adopt one soon. Is it a good idea to put newspapers on the bed in case if the puppy has an accident?