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schnoodle dogs questions answered!

  • Where do i find a schnoodle breeder? I have a schnoodle dog which is a mixed breed, and some people haven't heard of it. We want to have puppies ( he's a boy) but we don't know any unspayed females ( we'd prefer a poodle or schnauzer or schnoodle breeder). Any help?
  • What do you have to do to breed a dog? What IS the proper way? How do you prevent dogs from breeding unwanted litters? And please, explain these schnoodle, moxie, pimoddle dogs. I need some really good explanations, info, please.
  • How to convince my parents to get a cat? My parents dont like cats. My mom hates liter boxes and hair balls and her mom had a cat that was very mean and bit her allot. My dad doesnt want one mainly because of my mom but he also doesnt want one because we have a dog (schnoodle) and that dog worships him. (he hates me thats why i want a cat) Im 14 and i just got a job at an amusement park. In a couple weeks i can buy the liter box and cat MYSELF but theyre sooo stubborn and dont want one at all. I really want a childhood pet that doesnt hate me. Please help I have an 18 year old sister you idiot lol oh no you reported me on yahoo answers im so scared! And the other guy your a fag, i pay more attention to my dog than my dad but my dog sees him as the pack leader so he loves him more. So you dont know what your talking about, commit suicide. NOW
  • How can I make my dog like another dog? Okay, so my grandfather is in the hospital and he might be going to a nursing home soon. He has a little dog (schnoodle oodle) haha and we're going to keep her. But I have a miniature black lab that doesn't get along with other dogs, she drools over them if they're little, then she acts like she wants to fight. So I was wondering how can I make Lily (my dog) like Penny (my grandpa's dog)? I really need help!
  • How do I socialize my 3 year old Schnoodle with a new puppy? We just got a 12 week old toy poodle puppy and my 3 year old Schnoodle doesn't want to have anything to do with her. The Schnoodle's only response is constant growling under her breath. The Schnoodle refuses to eat near the new puppy, refuses to look at her, and "herds" the puppy constantly. Can anyone help us with our puppy situation?
  • Do you feed your dog California natural dog food? I'm thinking of switching my small dog (Schnoodle) to California natural dog food as she has allergies. If you have bought this brand before could you tell me what a small bag costs and which formula you recommend.
  • How do i get my dogs to get along better? i have a 11 year old Dobermann and a 10 week old Mini Schnoodle and my older dog always barks at my schnoodle how do i stop her from doing that?
  • How do I get my 4 year old trained dog to stop having accidents inside? I have a 4 year old schnauzer/poodle mix (schnoodle) that has been housetrained for 3.5 years. He was crate trained, but we have not had the crate set up for over a year. Recently, he's been having accidents when we're not home, even for a short while. We thought he was getting worked up when we left so we put a bark collar on to calm him down which worked for a while. I really don't want to set the crate up again. Any suggestions?
  • How do I train my female dog to stop humping things and people? I have a 1 year olf schnoodle (schnauzer and poodle mix) who's a female and frequently humps my leg and pillows. Obviously, this is unapealing to my friends and guests and such. How do I train her to stop? I don't care if she does it in private like the rest of us, but not in front of everyone. Help?
  • Why is my 13 year old schnoodle urinating more frequently and in larger quantity? I started putting puppy panties on my 13 year old schnoodle. She cannot hold her urine for more than 2 hours. She appears to be loosing hearing an eyesight as well. Could this be a permanent issue due to her age?