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schnoodle breeders questions answered!

  • Why should breeders conform to the breed standard? I say this because I'm writing an argument on the subject of animal breeding for my english class, and I find this to be a point repeated in many breeder forums and handbooks. I agree with the point, of course, mostly because I think a breed standard is necessary to keep out traits that are undesirable in a creature, however, the breed standard tends to only outline physical traits, and this seems a bit problematic, as a beagle and a collie have different habits and instincts--breed into the breed by humans, of course--and there isn't really a standard for that. I mean, is a collie still a collie if it has absolutely no ability (not trainable) to herd sheep? Right, back on topic. Still though, why should breeders not breed mutts? Why are designer dogs so poorly received by the strict breeding world? A little help would be appreciated! Thanks and have a nice evening.
  • What will a shih tzu schnoodle mix look like? My aunt's mateing her schnoodle (schauzer poodle) with a shih tzu. Is there a term for that? Any pictures of how they might, possibly look like? K. Well "shame on my aunt"? She didn't know. Her friend brought it up to her when she came to her house. Thanks though, gosh.
  • Are there any schnoodle breeders in England? My mum is allergic to most animals with hair. I have heard that schnoodles are hypo allergenic so my mum shouldn't be allergic. Are there any breeders in Possibly the south east part of england.
  • Do dog breeders not allow their children to watch "Lady and the Tramp", due to implied mixed breeding? I've taken heat for adopting an adult mixed breed dog (which resembles what some people call a "schnoodle") from the pound, so I've been wondering about the day to day lives of these judgmental people.
  • Does anyone know where to find Schnoodle breeders? If you know where to find one or someone who breeds them in the UK, that would be appreciated.
  • Why is the hybrid "Schnoodle" so expensive to buy? I love Schnoodles and when I get one I want it to be a puppy. But everywhere I look online, they're over $600, not including the deposit. Wtf? Can I get puppies at the pound and are they not also in cages throughout the day?
  • What is up with this new hybrid dog craze? I mean I still love mixes and have no problem with them but why have certain crosses become so popular. Like labradoodles and all schnoodles and who knows what else. I have seen these mixed breeds selling for like 800$. Is this new or has it been going on for awhile?
  • Where can I find a mini schnoodle in New England? I am looking to purchase a mini schnoodle (adult or puppy), however I cannot find any breeders or rescues for the breed in New England. Please help, this breed is so perfect for my family. Thanks! I really did not post this question to be judged on my choice of breed. I have already searched petfinder.com and all the local shelters, and I have previously gotten all my pets from shelters. However, I have fallen in love with this particular breed (and since I could not find a dog that matched my lifestyle in the shelters or on petfinder) I have chosen to get a schnoodle. Thank you for not answering my question at all, I really enjoyed hearing your arrogant opinion.