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mini schnoodle questions answered!

  • How much food should I give my 6 week old puppie a day? She is a mini schnoodle. thanks i know i shouldn't have it yet people. The mom didn't want to nurse them and was being neglagent. Thats why we have it. So does anyone know a ballpark ammount?
  • Where can I find cataract eye drops for my dog? I have a 4 year old mini schnoodle (schnauzer and poodle mix) and he has had a cataract in one of his eyes for about a year now. We know that the cataracts arent from aging, since he got them when he was 3 years old, and he did not have them at birth. So, we are going to invest in some vitamin C and zinc eye drops for dogs to help him. I dont know which brand of eyedrops is best though. Any suggestions for brands and/or links to websites I can buy them from?
  • What is a good breed of small dog? I already have a mini schnoodle (schnauzer poodle mix) but I want another puppy. I want one with long-ish fur that doesnt shed. Anybody have any suggestions?
  • Which of these dog breads is the least energetic? I know that just because a breed is more or less energetic it doesn't guarantee a particular dog is, however I wanted to know, out of these dogs, which is the most and which is the least energetic. 1. Mini Schnoodle 2. Havanese 3. Toy poodle
  • Does anyone have or know someone who owns a mini schnoodle? I am thinking about getting this kind of dog and was wondering if anyone has one. If so, how are they as a pet?
  • What kind of dog food should I feed my 3 1/2 month old mini schnoodle? He is currently eating Royal Canin Puppy 33. I want to give him the best diet I can afford. I bought a bag of Wellness for puppies, but after googling, I saw some really bad reviews. What do you think? As of right now he is having very normal poops and a good energy level.
  • How long is it ok for my 8lb dog to be outside playing in the snow? I have an 8lb almost 1 year old Schnoodle (mini schnauzer & toy poodle mix) and she loves playing outside right now in the snow but it is only in the 20s outside and I am worried about leaving her out there too long. How long is ok for her to be out there? Do dogs get frostbite or anything like that?