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greyhound tickets questions answered!

  • Whats the best way to get Greyhound Tickets? How do I get Greyhound Tickets? Can anyone help? Also trying to get cheap Greyhound Tickets.
  • Can my mom buy me a greyhound ticket without paying the extra gift fee? Hi I was wondering if my mom would be able to buy me a greyhound ticket online, then we would go and she would pick up the ticket, and then she could just give me the ticket and we wouldnt have to pay the extra $18 gift fee. I don't see why this wouldnt work because I heard that they don't check ID before boarding the bus, but I could be wrong. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • How to receive a greyhound ticket someone else in another city buys for you? My friend and I are planning on hanging out, but I've never really traveled before. (I'm in Atlanta, he's in Valdosta)How can I receive a ticket that he buys for me online? I'm not sure how it works. Also, I modified the greyhound ticket for departure at 3pm, but the schedule stills says 6am, does that mean they have no available departures for that hour? I just don't want to get lost, I have such bad direction. Also, I am taking a bus to the greyhound station, how early do Atlanta buses begin running? I've already checked marta's site, but the link does not work. How do I know what station it will arrival will be in? It did not say on the ticket. Thanks in advance!
  • Does anyone know if you can switch times for ones Greyhound ticket? I recently bought a Greyhound ticket and didn't realize that the layover was 7 1/2 hours. I've been on Greyhound before and never had an outragous layover like this. Does anyone know if you ca change times?
  • Is there an international travel agency on line that sells Greyhound tickets? I hold international credit cards issued outside US and would like to travel from New York to Montreal by bus. I couldn´t buy on line directly with Greyhound. Is there a travel agency on line that sells Greyhound tickets?
  • How far in advance can I pick up Greyhound tickets at the station? I purchased a round-trip Greyhound ticket from NYC to Binghamton, NY and I'd much rather have the tickets on hand now since I will be busy the hours before the departure time and most likely won't be able to pick them up an hour before boarding. I was hoping to pick them up tomorrow (Saturday 9/29) after one of my classes but I'm not sure if they'll give out the tickets that early.
  • can you buy a greyhound ticket on the day of departure? My boyfriend is planning on buying me a greyhound ticket in Sacramento, California, for me to get it in Mesa, Arizona. Can he buy the ticket the same day I'm going to leave?
  • Can I buy a greyhound ticket without parental permission? I really wanna buy a greyhound ticket without my parents permission. You have to be 15 to ride by yourself and I am only 14 but how would they know that? Could I lie and say that I am 15 and still get the ticket or would it not work?
  • The station where I got my greyhound ticket made a mistake how can it be fixed? I purchased a greyhound ticket to atlantic city from the 28th to the 29th and instead the 29th the ticket said 31st which is not correct. I told the person from the 28th to 29th not the 31st. How can I fix this?
  • How do I exchange my Greyhound tickets? I just bought two Greyhound tickets for the wrong date. I want to exchange them for a later date but on their website it says that i must exchange the tickets BEFORE the departure date of the original ticket. Well, my departure date is in two days, and I have no idea how to exchange the tickets. Their websites explains all the rules for exchanging tickets but doesn't actually explain HOW to do it. Do I have to go the station in person? Can I do it online? I emailed them but it says it may take up to 7-14 business for them to reply. Does anybody know how to exchange tickets? Has anybody done it before? Please don't just link me to the Greyhound website because I have looked at it. Thanks! I live in a large city, am an extremely busy college student, and don't have a car. So yes going to the station is inconvenient. Anyways I just wanted to get more feedback. I don't like making several hour long bus trips downtown based on one person's advice.