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greyhound shipping questions answered!

  • Does anybody know a better way to ship items? I'm trying to ship a large package but it is fairly expensive to do. I was wondering if anybody has an idea of how to get the shipping to be cheaper. Is there another company besides UPS, fedex or DHL? I was looking into Greyhound shipping which sounds good but the problem is they only accept packages up to 100 pounds. The package is about 110-120 pounds. The dimensions are 39" by 27" x 27". I'm trying to basically get it cheaper then $150 like what I've been seeing quoted. Thanks.
  • What is the best way to ship a headliner board? I'm needing to have a headliner shipped to me from several states away for my rare car. Trick is, the other guy doesn't know how to pack or ship it and so far has gotten some pretty prices estimates. Any suggestions on how to ship it for a decent price? I've heard Greyhound will ship between their bus stations, but how are they on treating a fragile headliner?
  • How should I ship my moving boxes to my new address? I'm moving to D.C. for grad school and I live in Florida. I want to fly but I'm not sure how to ship all of my stuff. I've heard that greyhound will ship packages. What is the cheapest way to ship all of my stuff? I've decided to leave my furniture at parent's house since it would be way to expensive to ship or hire movers.
  • Greyhound shipping for international locations? Has anyone used Greyhound for shipping boxes to international locations ? Their website is not clear on prices or which locations accept shipping ? Any help ? I live in Oakville.
  • What is the best way to ship packages back home? My son will be moving back home from east coast where he lived for 2 years on campus. Naturally there are too many things to bring back home. What is the best and least expensive way to ship? Greyhound and amtrack are too expensive! For example, he has a good printer, that he does not want to sell. It seems that puting everything in a car and driving back home is expensive too, with gas prices being so high!!!
  • What is the Cheapest way to ship a bicycle from Colorado to Boston? I need to ship a bicycle to a friend in Boston and I live in Colorado. We've already looked into shipping it on the train, which would be about $75 +/- for the shipping and the large box. Anyone know a better and cheaper method? I'm not really concerned with how long it will take as long as it gets there!
  • What are my options in shipping some household effects from Ontario to Alberta? I need to ship some household effects - less than an apartment-full and more than a box-full. I'm not in a hurry to get them. Some of them are fragile, so I would be willing to pay for professional packing if needed. What are my options? My first thought is bus-parcel express. Should I be looking at moving companies, couriers, or something else? Do freight railways such as CN or CP do this kind of thing?
  • How much would it cost to ship a luggage bag? I want to ship a big luggage bag from California to Texas. How much would that cost me and would Fed Ex be the best source to go to?
  • How much would it cost to ship a pottery wheel from Salem, Or to Las Vegas NV? How much would it cost to ship from Oregon to Nevada? Who can I go through? How would I go about doing all of this? The pottery wheel is probably less than 150 lbs and maybe 3x3x3 ft. Please help me!
  • What is the cheapest way to ship luggages? I have to move from north Virginia, and can't carry my two big luggages. Need to keep them somewhere near Dulles airport or ship them.