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Planning to start a small scale pet (only dogs) sale business?

Hi: I am planning to start a small scale pet (only dogs) sale business. I need all the necessary details,pros and cons that I should know before getting into the business. Genuine contacts are welcome. Thanks in advance.


  • Do you mean you want to do backyard breeding :/ or do you mean open a pet shop type thing? The only good thing I can think of is that if you're talking about opening a pet shop to get dogs out of the local shelter and give them a second chance at being adopted via your pet shop..
  • "pet" business? Here is what decent dog breeders do: 1. Choose the best quality pups from excellent examples of the breed. 2. PROVE they are worth breeding by working them or showing them to championships 3. Do relevant genetic screenings (hip xrays, heart echos, eye exams etc) 4. Only breed quality, registered dogs of the same breed. That registry should be the LEGIT registry for their country (ie AKC, FCI, etc) Good breeders produce enough pet quality puppies to supply people who want "pets". Anyone with an ounce of sense would not consider buying a puppy from a pet shop, puppy mill, or backyard breeder
  • It is possible to make money selling dogs IF you are a breeder and have good, papered dogs to mate. You will NOT stay in business just selling dogs. There are animal shelters in almost every town that practically give away dogs. A person can walk into any animal shelter and pick out a mutt for little more than the price of the shots. A lot of times, people give away dogs. There are almost always some ads on craigslist. Unless you're breeding specialty rare, hunting, or show dogs you will NOT make money on that business. If you are breeding dogs as a business, you will need a business license, tax records, kennels, a good vet and at least two good, papered dogs from different familial lines to start with (and well-bred dogs can easily cost $5,000). If you have 6 puppies a year, that would be about $30K a year. Subtract 10K for taxes, 10K for kennels and food, and you MIGHT make a cool $10K a year IF you're lucky. Most breeders I've met already have land and dogs and sell the pups as a side gig.