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Does anyone know someone who's selling small dogs in Sacramento?

Hi, im looking for someone who breeds or has a small dog up for sale, because I would like to find a small dog for my grandma.


  • www.petfinder.com Make sure your grandma actually wants - and can afford - a dog before you buy one.
  • Go to your local shelter, and adopt a dog. There are plenty of small dogs in need of a home. You would be saving a life.
  • Don't go out and get a dog for your grandma if she doesn't know about it. Buying pets as a gift is never a good idea, many animals are returned to shelters because they were a gift and not a good match for the potential owner. If she really wants a dog then she should go with you to adopt the dog.
  • Chances are, if your Grandmother wanted a dog, she would already have one. Never give a living creature as a gift. That said, you need to be sure that she wants a dog, can afford a dog and that the place she lives allows dogs. If the answer is yes to all of those questions, then let her pick out her own dog. Billions of dogs are available at shelters, rescues, through newspaper ads (which I don't advise buying from), online (which mostly come from puppy mills), from top quality breeders at akc.org .
  • hi, Search from our list of 33,774 available dogs! http://www.mediumurl.com/?r=634344604692768177115482889256 hope this helps.