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How can I get my Shorkie puppy to stop nipping?

My six week old shorkie puppy is always nipping at everything, and chewing on everything and everyone. It kind of reminds me of a baby teething the way he chomps on my fingers. Do puppies teeth like humans? If so what can I do to help him? Thanks. Jen


  • Yes they teeth like humans, but right now the puppy should still be with his mother and learning proper puppy social skills. That nipping would normally be projected towards it's siblings in play and since your puppy no longer has that it's any moving thing around. Unfortunately you decided to get a designer dog and designer dog breeders seem to think that it's okay for a puppy to leave it's mother at 6 weeks right at the time that they learn their doggy social skills from their mother in that 6 to 8 week period of their lives.
  • Puppies teeth, so they are trying to get their teeth out. Whenever your dog nips just turn around and give her the cold shoulder. If he chews on things, spray bitter apple brand spray on it and he will stop. Also giving him a few teething treats will help.
  • Obedience school . Give him his own chew toys .
  • Yes puppies do teeth just like human babies, but that does not start until he is 4 or 5 months old. What he is doing now is simply playing as he would with his brothers ans sisters. When he nips you yell "ouch in a high pitched voice turn your back and leave the area. turning your back works because your actually cutting of communication with him and denying him your attention. I f when you walk away he follows you nipping all the way simply leave the room and close the door for a minute. These steps will tell him "Its not OK to play this way and if it continues we wont play any more"
  • Get many toys. Puppies need to chew. When the pup goes to chew on wrong things - tell him no firmly and then give him an appropriate toy and praise him. He will want to please you and if teething on his own toys makes you happy - all the better. My dogs are big but we found soup bones to be wonderful - I had no inappropriate chewing problems. Be consistent with commands as well - 'NO - NOT YOURS!' for the correction works for us.