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Where can i get a shorkie puppy?

ok well i been searching for a puppy and i decided to get a shorkie puppy. where can i find good shorkie breeders in Illinois. can u please list some shorkie breeders in Illinois and websites.


  • never heard of a shorkie. Have you tried the pound? lots of lovely dogs are killed everyday, for want of a loving home...
  • Petfinder.com and your local shelter. Also your nearest Shih-Tzu or Yorkie rescue as they deal with mixes too. There is no such breed as a Shorkie. Anyone breeding them is a BYB or Puppymill and out to get the most money out of you possible. If you want to go to a breeder go to a Reputable SHIH-TZU breeder or a YORKIE breeder.
  • why get a shorkie when you can go to your local shelter and find the perfect dog for you. Pulse when you adopt a dog you are saving a life.
  • You are looking for a mutt. There are no "shorkie" breeders. These are not breeds they are simply a cross between two breeds. The end results are not standard and are not predictible.
  • I agree with the pound, there are lots of lovely puppies there that need a home, just make sure that you have all the necessary things for that dog or puppy, otherwise, you may feel that you are not up to the job, thousands of dogs and puppies are sent to the shelter because their old owners were not prepared for a dog. A dog is a life-long friend, set it up for success.
  • What in the name of Ferdinand Magellan is a shorkie? Shark x Yorkie? Shortcake x Yorkie? Either way, it sounds like one of those horrible little designer breeds so beloved of BYBs and puppy mills, so stay away. Get a Yorkie instead - you know what you are getting as regards temperament, size, health issues etc. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!
  • You will not find a reputable breeder anywhere for mutts. You might be able to find one in a shelter somewhere so I suggest looking there.
  • Check the pound & rescue places, they have lots of mutts & there might be one there.