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Where can I buy a Basenji dog?

I'm looking to buy a well-trained Basenji dog. I live in Central New York. Where can I find and buy one of these dogs? I'd prefer if I didn't have to drive more than a state away to get one. I'd prefer to adopt an older dog instead of buying a puppy.


  • The best way to find a reputable breeder is to visit any dog shows within your area. Talk to breeders, handlers, and any Basenji fans that you happen across.
  • lol....You want a dog that's already trained? So an adult dog, right? www.petfinder.com
  • http://www.apubasenjis.com/ and http://www.rvwbasenjiclub.org/
  • http://www.eldoradobasenji.com/ just checked out the site (briefly). they are in Mass. currently have a few available adults and an upcoming litter in Oct.
  • Contact your local Basenji Club and get a list of reputable breeders. VERY OFTEN Reputable breeders will have adults they are placing as they no longer need them for their breeding program and they want them to go into a pet home. My Breeder will only breed a bitch one time, keep a pick puppy and then place the bitch. These by the way are always Champions, so they have been well socialized. Or they have a pick puppy they kept that did not turn out. Here is a link to the Basenji Club in New York http://www.rvwbasenjiclub.org/
  • You might want to consider adopting a dog from a shelter house. Check this out. http://lnk.nu/dogtime.com/ryh