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what does it mean when a basenji dog whines?

Are they sad? Are they trying to talk? Are they hungry/thirsty? What does it mean when a Basenji Dog whines?


  • All dogs whine for a variety of reasons.
  • Well, when any dogs whine, they are upset over something. Whether that is being hungry, thirsty, cold, hot, bored, or the most likely, has to go to the bathroom. When your dog whines, first take it to go potty, then try to feed it (If it is about time to feed it, (Call your vet about when and how much you should be feeding your dog if you don't already know) after you feed it, offer it some water, Dogs can't get enough water. Then, think about where you are. Are you in the hot sun where your dog would be hot? Or are you in a cold home? Or your dog could be lonely. Try playing with it more or getting another dog (from a shelter preferably) to be your dog's friend