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How long is it ok for my 8lb dog to be outside playing in the snow?

I have an 8lb almost 1 year old Schnoodle (mini schnauzer & toy poodle mix) and she loves playing outside right now in the snow but it is only in the 20s outside and I am worried about leaving her out there too long. How long is ok for her to be out there? Do dogs get frostbite or anything like that?


  • Dogs sure do get frostbite. Since it is like Winter now, dogs and puppies are only supposed to be going outside for 10-15 minutes and that's it. Just let them go do their Business, run around for a bit to get exercise and then make them get back inside! My German Shepherd female just got frostbite yesterday on her teat. She started acting all weird because she would snuggle up against me, Whine while just laying her beside me and she would not stop moving around!
  • There is a chart on windchill and frostbite at http://www.weather.gov/om/windchill. It's for humans but if you stick to that a dog should be ok. They are better insulated than we are. Frostbite varies depending on wind speed and temp.