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Visiting Minneapolis for a possible move, where should I look?

I have a job interview in Minneapolis/St. Paul (the office is actually in the middle of the two cities) next week. I've never been to the twin cities so I'm interested in exploring to see if I'd like to live there. 1) Which neighborhoods should I look at for possibly living in? I'm single but have a boxer dog - so ideally something with a fenced in back yard, but I'd settle for direct access to a small yard. 2) Where should I eat while I visit? I land Sunday evening and leave Tuesday late afternoon. 3) What else should I make sure to see? I've done some googling and it sounds like a cool place but moving anywhere is a big change. I currently live in NH so I'm used to the cold and snow.


  • Byrn Mawr Byrn Mawr is known as the neighborhood within a park thanks to the lush yards, cottage-style homes and the four large public parks which encircle the enclave. Located west of downtown, the neighborhood is perfect for those who enjoy gardening, bicycling to work and community festivals. Throughout the year, Byrn Mawr is home to a number of festivals among which the Festival of Garage Sales is best known to Minneapolis residents. Home prices are much lower than those near the cities connected lakes and its close proximity to major public transit lines, bicycle paths and the highway make it an ideal place for those working downtown. Byrn Mawr West Minneapolis ci.minneapolis.mn.us/neighborhoods/brynmawr_profile_home.asp Prospect Park Prospect Park is nestled between the University of Minnesota, the Mississippi River and the border of St. Paul on the east side of Minneapolis. It would be easy to miss the neighborhood, given its cramped quarters but once inside the neighborhood, one will find winding tree lined streets, beautiful gardens and a wide range of housing options. The neighborhood is well known for having some of the best designed houses in the city and it boasts the highest number of custom designed homes in the city. Because of its proximity to the University, downtown Minneapolis, West St. Paul and a number of ethnically diverse neighborhoods, Prospect Park's population spans the economic and demographic spectrum, making for a colorful, active and political involved community. Prospect Park East Minneapolis ci.minneapolis.mn.us/neighborhoods/prospectpark_profile_home.asp Fulton/Linden Hills Fulton and Linden Hills neighborhoods border each other in the southwest of Minneapolis, along the west side Lake Harriet. These neighborhoods are touted as family-friendly places to live thanks to the excellent crop of public schools, abundance of beautiful parks, and the availability of well-maintained houses. The streets of Fulton and Linden Hills are spotted with a smattering of local businesses including cafes, antique stores, galleries and more that are expertly woven into the fabric of the neighborhood, providing residents with necessary but unobtrusive shopping and dining options. Fulton/Linden Park Southwest Minneapolis ci.minneapolis.mn.us/neighborhoods/fulton_profile_home.asp ci.minneapolis.mn.us/neighborhoods/lindenhills_profile_home.asp Seward Seward is well known in Minneapolis for its politically active residents, its community focused businesses, including food co-ops, locally owned restaurants and bicycle shops and its laid-back atmosphere. The population is largely young bachelors and African immigrants, making for a very diverse neighborhood. Its central location makes it easy to access the University, downtown, St. Paul and other neighborhoods throughout Minneapolis via the Light Rail that cuts right along the border of Seward. Seward West Minneapolis ci.minneapolis.mn.us/neighborhoods/seward_profile_home.asp Powderhorn Park Powderhorn Park differentiates itself from other neighborhoods by providing residents with a community that is largely residential. With easy access to businesses in Uptown and Downtown, Powderhorn Park emphasizes quiet, narrow streets full of family-size homes. Located on the south side of Minneapolis, the neighborhood takes its name from Powderhorn Lake, where a beautiful park is located and where a yearly Art Fair takes place. Powderhorn Park South Minneapolis ci.minneapolis.mn.us/neighborhoods/powderhorn_profile_home.asp