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How long does it take for a boxer to have puppies ounce they get pregnant?

Im planning on bredding my boxer but I don't know how long its going to takes for my boxer to have puppies ounce it gets pregnant.


  • approximately 63 days.
  • all dogs are pregnant almoust 3 mounths, litle less then they have puppies. and take care of your dogy whan she will be pregnant, give her lot of love, she will give you back love. wish you all best and your dog i have pitbull is girl, and her mom she was pregnant with her and it take less then 3 mounths. bye
  • 60 to 63 days. Please read up on breeding and all it entails before you breed your dog. :) Good Luck!
  • 58-63 days
  • If you don't know how long she'll be pregnant, you may be setting yourself up for more problems than you know! A female doesn't need to be bred to satisfy her emotional needs. There is an awful lot that goes into breeding dogs right - are you sure you're ready? Boxers are usually easy whelpers, but do you know how to tell if the pups need to be delivered by an expensive emergency c-section? Do you know how to build a proper whelping box with a pig-rail, so that none of the pups can be crushed behind or under their mom? Do you know what eclampsia is? If you don't, your dog could die. Do you know how to tell when all the pups have been born? If there are any left inside her, they could die and so could she. Do you know where the nearest emergency clinic is? Dogs often deliver in the middle of the night. If there are any problems with the whelping, it may cost you $100 just to walk in the clinic's door - then all the other costs on top of that. Before you breed, you have to have your vet do a health exam and fecal tests and blood tests for intestinal worms and heartworm to be sure her health is good. Then make sure your dog and the male you select (who should be a champion - your pups will be worth more!) are tested for Brucellosis - a canine VD. If you breed her to a top quality male from an experienced breeder, they can help you with advice and may even show up to help you deliver the pups - but usually you're on your own. They can also advise you as to whether or not your female is good enough to breed and that she has no major faults that she could pass on. Expect to pay at least the sale price of one pup for your stud fee. If you just want a pup to keep for yourself, it's a lot easier (and cheaper) to buy one than to breed your own. The pups are going to need food and shots and worming and lots of care for eight weeks. If the mother rejects them, guess who is going to be up twice a night and four times a day hand feeding every pup? Have you got the time and energy? You won't make much money breeding dogs if you're doing it right! One of my breeder friends once calculated that she made less than $1.85 per hour after expenses in a litter with no problems. I bred one litter myself (from champion dogs!), but now I'd rather go and buy the pup I want. If you're still reading, go to www.akc.org and look up breeders. The best breeders will show their dogs in breed, obedience and/or field work - and they will be members of a dog club that promotes breeding health, good-tempered dogs.