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Can white boxers get sunburn? What can i do to prevent it if they can get burnt?

My wife is worried that our white boxer pup will get sunburn if we leave him out side for a few hours a day. Can they get burnt? We've noticed his ears and the top of his neck get pink after being out for a while.


  • If their fur is not thick then the sun can get to their skin. Their skin can burn just like ours.
  • Yes they can get sunburned...but they make doggie sunblock. Check out your local pet store.
  • white animals CAN get sunburned. It is okay to rub a little baby safe sunscreen into the exposed skin. Just be sure to avoid eyes, ears and mouth and wash her off at the end of the day. Our horses need this routine when going out to pasture.
  • White, short haired dogs *can* get sunburned... and a sunburn for a dog is as bad as it is for humans. You can buy sunscreen made specifically for animals, probably at any of the big pet stores. I would stick with that rather than human sunscreen, it may be formulated differently. Here is a link to different products for this.
  • I have a white cat and the vet advised us to put normal sun cream (factor 30) on his exposed parts ie nose and ear tips. My neighbours cat died through cancer caused by sun damage
  • White boxers sun burn very easily. It takes being outside for a little over 5 minutes for them to start to burn. Sunscreen works wonders to keep them from getting burnt. The make sunscreen for dogs. You need to use sunscreen because if he continually burns out in the sun your increasing his risk of skin cancer
  • I have a white Great Dane. He hasn't gotten sunburn before. But he's such a couch potato and hates outside so much that he only goes out to poop or pee. Once in awhile he'll go out to the barn with me. Anyway, I think that exposed skin on your boxer has the potential to get burned. You should double-check with your vet on what kind of sunscreen to use. I know that there are Chinese Cresteds that come to our clinic and have to use sunscreen, but I can't remember which/what our vet recommends. Give yours a quick call to find out.
  • Yes I've seen some severe sunburns on white shorthaired dogs. Talk to your vet or petstore about some petsafe sunscreen.
  • Yes they can, you can bath them in some dog sun screen shampoo or look for some sun screen for them. Ask your vet where to get some.
  • White whippets are common (and have similar coats to boxers) and whippets will sunbath till you can fry an egg on their hides. I have heard of a case or two of skin tumors (mostly on the hairless bellies) but it sin't common and I've never heard of a whippet geting sunburned. A few carefull people put sunscreen on the belly ..... how does the top of his neck get pink? seems to be a "hairy" spot to me....
  • Yup, dogs sunburn, too. Especially where the hair is short, or thin. On the muzzle, you can apply a thin film of regular human sunscreen just behind the nose where the hair is very thin. For the rest of his body, go to your local farm store and get an equine spray that has some sort of sunscreen in it. I know they make 'em. I've used them with great success. The folks in the horse section of YA, will no doubt have recommendations.